Monday, July 2, 2012


Since it's summer time we're supposed to have more spare time....riiight.  So, I'm issuing a challenge to myself to blog once a day, about something.  Doesn't matter what it is, just get some writing done---it's cathartic for me, I need this outlet for sanity and creative exercise.

Outfitted for
countenance changed
A happy weekend was spent watching Olympic trials and trying out The Man's popcorn experiments.  Miss Marvelous monkey has mentioned multiple times, "When I'm in the Olympics..."

Big breath Mama, here we go, into the wild blue yonder!  That's what she wants, her goal, I will not disparage it in any way.  I will not say, "maybe", or "yeah, BUT....", and I will not erode her vision, her confidence by reminding her "IF".  

It's what she wants I will stand behind her successes and learning opportunities (b.k.a mistakes) the whole time. 

"beam" on
basement floor
I pride myself on being incredibly careful with boundaries between what she wants to do and what I want for her in life.  I've realized that I mustn't offer opinions unless specifically solicited, sometimes though my opinion shows through in my speech, mannerism, and actions.  Children mirror us in every way.  I am a hands off parent when it comes to her endeavors.  I offer support where needed, but otherwise it's her show completely.  Which has made for interesting non-conversations with other gym parents.  I guess I'm atypical like that.

There, my first post of 30 to come in July's lovely heat.
My mission today is to find a tri-training plan that will serve for an Olympic distance in October.

Happy day!
: )  <3

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