Wednesday, May 30, 2012

That's me as an infant with my Miimi.  She was a beacon of constancy in my early life, someone I knew would always be there and I knew exactly what to expect every time I visited.  Would that I knew her better.  She graced this planet for 93 years, and made her transition this evening.   I love her dearly and so wish that I had gotten her whole story before her mind began to distort with age.  She did get to meet her great-grandbaby-girls, and I've the faith as she is one with God now she knows all and is with me in memory, and spirit, always.
I love you Miimi, and I miss you.

Saturday, May 26, 2012


I got back in the saddle for real--today I complete a triathlon for the first time in almost 3 years.  It was a smallish, local sprint, Pelican Fest in Windsor, CO.  This was The Man's first ever triathlon and my 6th.    
Post Race deck change

Swim was good, bike was good, the run however, left something to be desired.  Panicky schtuff started in on me and was difficult to get under control.  I attribute it to lack of training sessions due to children, illness, and simple laziness.  There's a massive magnet in my bed it seems keeping me from getting up at 4:30 to get in workouts before Loving Husband leaves for work.
So, it could've been better, but I think I did all right considering the training I did accomplish.  Other recent races: Kick it for Kenya and Skirt Chaser coming up.  And probably at least one other tri this season toward the end of summer.  Excited to be back, and ready to get the work done to improve!

Find Race Report HERE.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

It's incredibly difficult some days to get anything done.  Especially when one or both parental types incubate some odd tummy bug.  There are great productive days when I can see the Little Girl learning, then there are other days when her attitude is poor, or I'm a bit out of whack for some reason or other.  Then it's harder to get back into the rhythm we've created once the little phase has passed.  I'm certainly much more comfortable with our curriculum, adapted it such that it'll work with what time we have fully at home, and being gentle with my adherence to Their ideal.  I've a terrible habit of comparing my insides to other people's outsides, making assumptions about others based on their appearance or what they may say.  When I recently read through an "ideal Enki homeschool day" I felt a little ill, until I remembered the main reason we decided to homeschool is freedom.  Any curriculum can become a shackle, I work out what's right with my children.  Miss Monkey is aware that our homeschooling can only work with her cooperation.  Recently her homeschool connection teacher mentioned that homeschooling is a great choice with her personality traits.  Happy to have her validation.  Reading and writing are coming along, math is part of daily life, everything is learning especially when I'm on top of my game.

My experience has shown that it's rare for people to be truly themselves through and through all the time---that the person I think I'm seeing is actually the person they are all around.  Here's why I recognize this; I once was that person who had a different side for every occasion, no one ever knew how dishonest I could be, or how insecure or fearful I was, or how self involved & self inflicted my perpetual drama was really.  When I sense others behaving in a similar manner its incredibly frustrating to know where they are on their path versus where they could be should they reach for their whole being's potential.
Lately I'm struggling with acceptance that my choices were narrowed for me.... where I would've been happy to help out I'm now beholden, and troubled that I mightn't be able to find a positive, friendly attitude when the time comes.  I'm also struggling somewhat with acceptance, "but for the grace of god, there go I"---there are personalities and "'isms" that I have to be involved with to a certain degree, and acceptance is the key to all my problems today.

Maybe I'm rambling, that is what's rattling around my head at the moment.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

2 on a Tricycle!

Oh HAPPY DAY (yesterday)!  Toddleator E was born....and now she's big enough for a trike, she uses the potty very consistently, she's verbose and silly and cuddley, always ready to try something that looks like fun (especially if Sissy has done it).  At the Downtown Aquarium she jumped up and down and squealed through the exhibits pointing out all the "BIG FISH!"

We are so blessed, and we are so very very grateful!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I think maybe I should get a reward when I'm able to get a workout in with these little people in tow.  Today after much waiting round for them to finish a last minute snack (that I now realize I should've used to make sure the gym bag was packed) we finally made it to the gym....but only after I wasted another 1/2 hour trying to get music into my swami phone, successfully completed; however, would've been smarter to ignore the Verizon BS that popped up when I plugged the device in.  Hindsight, no?

My new running shoes just begging for a tryout I was excited, until I realized I wouldn't be able to get in everything I aimed to, kidsclub just not open long enough.  No matter, run some anyway, new kicks need a break in period so kept it short, besides finding that I forgot my water bottle I was forced to keep it short.  Head to locker room only to find as I unpack for a swim that I've left my towels at home...nothing to dry off with, unless I tried using my pants but as they're fleece I didn't think the absorbency would serve.

I give up.

New shoes are awesome, but will require more focus on run form as they're lower profile than anything I've used before.  Got to get E to nap with little trouble, and listened to F excitedly read another BOB Book from the library.  "Wow, that's cool, I'm actually reading it!" she said, pausing between pages.  SO FUN.

Boasting of Birthdays

Progress of the My Big 6.  Miss Monkey practices her bike a bit.  I see her balance well, then appears to be so excited she's doing it, she wobbles a tiny bit and jumps off.  She tries again a few times, then decides to call it a day on the bike.  She's reading, for real, sounding out words and reading!  It is thrilling.  I think about how the world is just opening up for her, reading is the first step on so many adventures.  No loose teeth yet, although she's incredibly excited for her turn to put something out for the tooth fairy. (yes, we do believe in magic in this house).

She was beside herself with excitement about her mani-pedi party with her little friends.  All day she was compliant and [mostly] pleasant in helping with everything that needed to be done to prep for the event.  I indicated to her what needed to be done, gave her the choice of what order to do it in, and reminded her that if she needed a break to g'head and take one for a bit, then move on.  I didn't feel I had to remind her much at all---> *joy*!  

There were 2 friends that joined us for manis & pedis, they were stellar.  Bemused with the personalities involved, I mostly observed the dynamic unless it edged on mean-spirited.  They squealed and giggled the entire evening, watched some of a movie, then bedded down and passed summarily out.

A complete success, with grace and ease!

My Birthday, which was the day before, was a gloriously packed day with friends and errands, ending with PF Chang's and 14 Hands.  Happy to start the next year getting more grateful, more loving, and more successful with every thing and in every way!