Sunday, July 8, 2012


That red-headed Scot on the poster didn't disappoint.  Surprisingly, gratefully a Disney movie that I enjoyed as it had redeeming value in lessons of legends, a wholly like-able realistic heroine, and plenty of innocent laughs.  After Mile Hi today we formulated a plan to do something fun, with rain on the horizon we voted movie matinee. Checking movie rating for Brave, we figured it was a reasonable option.  There are some seriously intense fighting scenes with bears, one of the more dramatically portrayed bears definitively affected The Firstborn as she spouted about it for a while afterward.  Toddleator E ended up sleeping fire most of the film, so no worries with her image digestion. Short-lived Miss Monkey's episode was though and probably ignited by skipping lunch in favor of cinema popcorn.  We set ourselves up for the adventure though and at least approached it consciously. After some lament about Greek for our late lunch, both girls gobbled up gyros.  After some down time for us all, we ventured out for local ice cream.  A wonderful Sunday, topped with yoga & Batman.
Happy day!
: )  <3

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