Friday, July 20, 2012

What happened in Aurora last night is truly, as one official put it, an act of depravity.
I'm becoming more and more convinced that in our human experience we struggle with our innate divinity.  There's a balance to be had between our humanity and the Divine Nature that I believe we are all born with. I think that in the course of daily life we make decisions based upon continual sets of circumstances, good decisions, bad decisions...simply choice after choice after choice.  Each of these choices can either accentuate our divine nature or enhance our basal animal, unconscious nature.  The flip side of the human spirit that strives to emulate a higher consciousness, is an exact opposite.  I theorize that sometimes the greatest seekers may, under certain circumstances, completely break with their innate nature and act out in exactly proportional opposing ways...there's over-balance toward the basal nature and in some cases a complete break of that tremulous connection to Spirit.

Then in my Daily Pearl today:

"We come to know in our spiritual maturity, that everything can be the gateway to a deeper, more powerful, more authentic spiritual expression."

~Dr. Roger W. Teel

And every time we hear and see some viscerally disturbing action that one person takes on another, there is opportunity, after the emotions evoked, the feelings roiling around have subsided, there is opportunity.  I don't care what faith path you've chosen, it's applicable.  What this young adult was suffering from we will never know for sure, never understand, and ultimately it doesn't matter.  We are all fighting something, all the more reason to practice loving kindness to everyone.  And as the Lama said the other evening; "who better to practice compassion with than people who suffer outwardly or cause suffering of others?"

Breathe. FEEL. Pray. Repeat.
Light & Love,

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