Sunday, January 23, 2011

Nuggets of Enthusiasm

On a mama daughter sans baby sister evening, I took Miss Monkey to her first Nuggets game.  She was beside herself with excitement.
The seats were nosebleed, it didn't matter, we had space to stretch out and the kiddos could move around a bit.  She hailed the cotton candy guy, with authority I might add.  I didn't have the heart to fight'im off once he'd climbed all the stairs to our seats.
Then she talked our friends into buying her a hot dog, and succeeded in only eating half---second hot dog of the day for her as it's AFC/NFC champ day and Papa has "football food" in the works.
Just before leaving she played tag with young sir friend in the giant foyer of Pepsi Center, good thing she worked off some sugar rush before we headed home.  On the way out, she ran for cover to each giant sculpture, trash recepticle, and boulder hiding from "bad guys" a la Star Wars blaster fire fight.

A fun-filled evening, and though we left after half time I think it was just the perfect amount of time spent...she isn't yet 5 and asking her to sit through the second half with a sugar rush and past bedtime wouldn't have set us up for success.

So grateful that we are healthy, safe, and blessed.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I think of all these really neat things to write about at night as I'm falling asleep...then have trouble remembering them in the light of day.
Meh-be I start keeping laptop next to the bed.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

"Any-Day" plans go like this:
Get to the gym, get to the grocery, the bank, the post office, the sewing store, the gymnastics, the storytime, the playdate, etc.

Why it goes awry:
Miss Crabby Monkey graces the house with her terrible attitude, extra whiny, extra bad attitude she spends the morning in her room.
Someone else is crying and fussing needs to be nursed and paid attention to.  The bills need to be paid online and then of course I check my email and get on BT a little bit, and by the time all this has happened the window of opportunity for the gym has closed until post-nap for Baby gym later.  But she'll nap while I wear her in the grocery store, right?  RIGHT?
Post nap there needs to be food for both of them before we head out, and there are lunches to be packed if we won't be back in time.  Some days it takes a full hour to ensure enough food, extra clothing, diapers, coloring, dolly, and the kitchen sink are all packed in in order to launch.
I have in the past week been a stickler for the earlier bedtime for both the girls and it seems to have alleviated some of the tantrum prone parts of the day.  Now, to weed out the whine-testing Miss Monkey has of late been attempting to engage us with.  
So it goes.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Really, sitting here, hangin' out before I pull the brownies from the oven and dash to see The Man at his office, random Friday afternoon...plump one is "big sigh" looking for what comes next and making the uber-cute baby noises but hasn't started classic crawling and sits, waiting for more entertainment...the other is lounging in her dress up heels mentions a broken foot while trying to snatch dust from the air, sings a gibberish song introducing her baby doll to baby sister.

Who are these people?  Did I really birth them?  or were they beamed here from someother plane of existence?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Simply Holiday

Christmas was fairly quiet and very simple for us.  Miss Monkey received her wished for Santa gifts, and we went for a ride and run on bright beautiful Christmas day.  Last night we talked about how New Year's Eve was a celebration to mark the next calendar year, then kiddos off to bed.  The Man and I had s'mores from the fireplace, watched movies, and I fell asleep until Baby E fussed somewhere around midnight.  

Peaceful holiday weekends---unless you count the massive meltdown we were embarrassed to leave a party one evening.  Small children + sugar + over-stimulation + more sugar + lack of sleep due to holiday party excitement and crazy schedules = complete utter loss of social emotional control, or Atomic Tantrum.  It's bound to happen at least once, the trick is not to make threats we're unwilling to carry out.  In this case I could see that there was no "reset" button to be found, she was already beyond.  I spoke to her firmly, quietly, right in her ear, gave her the choice to calm herself or we'd have to leave, well, we had to leave.  Sometime later, about half way home, a switched flipped and it was almost as if nothing happened.  The next morning it seemed she didn't remember much---sugar hangover?  It's gotta be challenging to keep up with adult schedules throughout the holidays, learn all the new things, the excitement of Santa's impending visit, eating all the sugar, meeting all the people, etc. etc.etc.  All things considered I think with only one meltdown we did all right.

Thank the goodness for friends and family to spend the holiday time with.  I am so grateful for the year we've had, though it was trying we kept moving forward and landed all right, a learning experience for certain.  I'm also grateful for all the new friends we've made and all the 'old' friends that have stuck.  

Hope your holidays were blessed, may you enjoy ringing in the New Year, stay safe, be joyous, may your heart be light, know that you are loved, and may your coming year burst with abundance.