Monday, July 9, 2012

Finally an Etsy shop!

Would that I had more fresh photos, it seems I'm constantly shipping items away before I could photograph them properly.  There's a massive learning curve to this, I've learned how to calculate my sales tax for the state and the city.  I'm learning about internet sales and marketing.  Promotion and sales are easy for me, I am a natural promoter, but I like face time better than screen time. Promoting my own product felt different, I'm emotionally vested in this endeavor.  There are finer points to learn about these things of course, between all my other joys in daily life I fit it all in somehow.  There is incredible satisfaction seeing my idea beautifully printed on a shirt going to someone sure to be satisfied.  When I wear my own designs I'm acutely aware of my conscious state.  I couldn't wear the "Kind" design without being accountable for my interactions with others and especially my kids.  I really do feel more "Powerful" or full of "Ease" wearing the I AM words.

There is always room for growth and learning, some days I get nothing done, other days I'm totally on top of it all.  Being gentle with myself has become [almost] second nature.  There really is plenty of time, for me to take this one step at a time.  Though I may be somewhat impatient with progress of my business' growth, I am faithful that every thing is in place now and will fall into place beautifully when the time comes.  Spirit never disappoints!

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