Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I don't know how we got so busy...it's supposed to be summer time, with boredom galore catalyzing imagination.

We made it to Texas & back, 2 days driving, 2 days visiting.  It was pretty perfect actually.  Since I know how to grieve in much more healthy ways, this was a healing process for me.  The other day, Miss Monkey wistfully said, "We left Great Mimi behind."  I replied, "No sweetheart, she went on ahead of us."

Since then we have spent afternoons at the TIGAR gymnasium, the Firstborn spent her second summer camp with our fantastical community at Mile Hi Church...and Toddleator E has been along for the ride.  We enjoyed our time together, although she did ask multiple times, "Wheerre's mine Sissssy?"

There'll need to be more specific updates a bit later.  I've got to attempt a workout for myself this morning!

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