Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Poop and Other Goop

For some reason I've yet to delve into I have never ever thought it "okay" or "part of the care and feeding" of a dog to pick up poop from the ground.  I grew up where the family dogs were mostly outdoors and only came inside for short periods or when it was really cold out.  The dogs always pooped in the woods or elsewhere, as we didn't live in a cookie cutter neighborhood with manicured grass, it didn't matter where they went.  There is something really deep within me that considered picking up dog poo a degrading, insulting thing.  I think it's a race memory issue as I cannot recall an exact incident that might cause such a reaction.

Anyway, as a Momma I have been able to adjust my tolerance for poop and goo, booger, vomit, and baby spit-up.  It simply doesn't bother me near as much as it might have in the past---though admittedly I can't say as I was in the habit of wiping other people's bottoms, cleaning up their vomit, or aspirating their noses when stuffed up.  I tend to think that women are rather hardwired for the gore of life, we do have to deal with it once a month or so.  Men on the other hand, not so much.  It is too too funny to me that for all the sophomoric humor that males spout, they have a difficult time dealing with their own offspring's dirty diaper.  It's just poop afterall, it washes off, and with a little antimicrobial something, all is good as new.  As a Momma I've learned to deal with unexpected poopsplosions in public bathrooms like a champ.  During a Miss Toddler-Monkey diaper change, I once caught a poop in my hand rather than have to clean the carpet.  A diaper-less child having a bowel movement, much like a vomiting child, should not be moved....because rather than one simple spot, there's a trail to clean.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Jogged out!

Miss Monkey's invitation to a competitive gymnastics team affords me and E a little time.
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Workouts n' whatnot

Having finished breastfeeding a few weeks ago, it seems the liquid fat my body has been clinging to is melting slowly away.  I'm kinda sad to have breastfeeding end, I know and she knows it's time though.  I'm sure to get enough cuddling in whenever we need to.  My workouts have been sporadic but more often.  I plugged in a training plan and hit about half the workouts.  I gave up on trying to force a solution though, I noticed I was becoming b*tchy and crazed, feeling like a failure when I messed up the plan.  So, I surrendered the results.  Suddenly, Baby E was sleeping through the night, and time started stretching.

I'm amazed that on a a given day I can pull off a triple workout if I feel like it---would never have been able to do that 5 years ago.  I might pick up a run, or a bike on a whim.  I can complete a long swim in (~2k yds) pretty comfortably and still survive the rest of the day pleasantly.  Daily life has become easier, and I think it's because I've given up trying to force it all to happen on my timeline.  One day in the far future I'll have more than all the time I need, until then I'm becoming more and more content to hang out and be present when the need arises.  And Their needs are never ending.  

I dropped in on a Zumba class.  While bouncing and shaking my nether-bits to fun world music, I giggled time and again....this is the dancing I used to attempt after a cocktail or four, in dark noisy clubs, delusional I was unique hot-stuff.  And now, I, and the rest of the middle-aged (and more) ladies have been relegated to flapping our flesh in a brightly lit box at prescribed hours of the week---probably so we won't frighten the general public.  It's a fun workout. I wonder, what if I didn't have the stability and core strength, though?  I could see how it might injure some-sedentary-one off the street.  Also, I had a free training session with a lady-trainer at my daughter's gymnastics gym, TRX is too too fun!  Really challenging and just what I enjoy.  I finally made it back to my yoga rug, after months of avoidance.  Short but sweet practice, I need to find an Ashtanga studio within reasonable driving distance.

Kinda sad that our bodies mayn't reflect the inward youth we retain.  The best I plan to do for my earthly vessel is everything I've been doing, tweaking the diet a bit, keep on keeping on.  As I am inward, I will show outward.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Newest Fluff on the Block

I purchased new diapers.  Specifically, 4 one-size pocket style diapers so The Man would might not be so opposed to aiding changes.  Not a moment too soon it seems, since we've been back from Texas there has been a terrible rash on Baby E's bum.  Not a screaming rash, but definitely an itchy red issue that must be uncomfortable.  I can only guess that it's yeast and I've taken steps to rid my pre-folds of it.  With the somewhat begrudging use of stay-dry poly-fiber inserts, her bum is looking more normal.

I wanted to purchase diapers that would accommodate a prefold as an insert.  I'd rather have purchased sans insert but the retailer wouldn't sell them separately and wouldn't work with me to trade the poly-fiber inserts for hemp.  After some perusal online I had decided I needed to get hands on a Blueberry one size pocket. While I was in the store, I hit upon Rocky Mountain, locally made & owned.  I got 2 of each label, and happily headed home. 

Blueberry I had my eye on 'cause their Coverall wrap is so stellar (much better than Thirsties, in my opinion), I am pleased.  The manufacture is strong, looks and feels like it will last, the fleece is soft, the print is cute, and the pocket easily fits a prefold (the generously cut dipe can be used as a wrap over a prefold, as well).  The Rocky Mountain pocket diapers are a slightly different style, relying on an inner snap-adjustment to make them one-size with dual in-line snaps 'round the waistline, a lower rise to the fit than the Blueberry.  So far, Blueberry has not leaked one bit.  Rocky Mountain suffered an overload one afternoon when Baby E sipped her way through an entire bottle of water.  I don't blame the diaper though, it was Big Sister that gave her the bike bottle.  I think the Rocky Mountain diaper does better with a hemp insert than a poly fiber.  The Blueberry it doesn't seem to matter much at all what that diaper is stuffed with. 

I can highly recommend both.

*Incidentally, back in the pocket diaper posse, I noticed I still feel the same about these diapering systems.  I really enjoy the ease of pockets, but dislike having to wash the whole diaper every time, the same with all-in-ones. Pre-folds + wrap make sense, as a wrap can be used over and over until it's pooped---seems smarter I think.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

First All-Day Camp

For us all.  This was an entire week of 8 hour days for Miss Monkey, a true test of behavior.  I was really the one that was worried...and, get this, it wasn't really about her but how her behavior would reflect on me.
While visiting the family in Texas a remark I fielded, "That [behavior] must have been embarrassing for you."  I responded, "Well, no, not really.  That's her behavior not mine."  It's really my response to that behavior that I might be embarrassed.  Sometimes though, when the audience is people that I like and respect and care very much about our relationship, I slip back into the thought process that I might somehow control the little people's behavior. 

Rainbow Day Camp is Mile Hi Church's children's camp for ages 5-10, with teen counselors and adult teachers.  The first day dropping her off, she approached with trepidation, but once the recognition set in, she relaxed and was happy to say good-bye.  By the time the week was over I could tell she didn't really want it to end.  Who would?  They do a great camp, something different everyday, including one day trip excursion to Pine Top, up the mountains.  It was strangely easy moving through the day with only the baby to entertain and get fed and napped.  Which brings on an interesting observation.

Raising children full time is challenging.  If I'm sending my daughter off to school mostly 'cause I need the break, and approach professionally administered education with the idea that I will get's not the right reason to send her to brick and mortar school.  I take serious issue with the forced conformity that bureaucracy has instilled in our public (and some private) school system.  This talk succinctly explains and I agree with the assessment of the system completely. 

At this time all of our personal resources are committed to alleviating pressure caused by mismanagement previous years and the pressure from The Man's period of unemployment.  When we have unlimited financial resources we can make my daughters' education more dynamic, probably including some brick & mortar schoolin', tutoring, traveling, and otherwise interesting mixes.  Until then, I will give my best attempt at homeschooling the first born with Enki Education.  Including "socialization" with large family group outings, and other mom-teachers.  I will remain flexible, and as nothing is written in stone, I will remember if it feels unmanageable, or morphs into dismal struggle, I will realize we need to take a different path.

It's scary, going against everything I knew growing up and what it seems is 'the norm'.  The journey only gets more exciting, there is no arrival is there?

Friday, June 10, 2011

D.I.Y. Diaper Sprayer

I shopped them, I even asked a local store if they were going to stock them.  The store called me when the sprayer arrived, and I balked at the price. $45?

In Home Depot, taking advantage of a gift card, on yet another trip to the potty for someone or other in our party, I passed through the plumbing aisle. Hmmm, I thought as I spotted the sink sprayers.  On our way back through I snagged the paid plumber assistant fellow, and he perused the stock looking for all the right pieces. Plumbing has always fascinated me, all the metal and machining involved with making water travel to distant places is neat-O.  Anyway, I told him what I wanted to do, and happily followed him around while he gathered the pieces.  After memorizing the order in which the pieces should be attached, I added them to our haul.

Excited as I was, this was a little project that would have to wait until after we returned from the Epic Texas Trip. On our first full day home it was one of the premier projects that I completed.

Tools?  Pair of right sized pliers.
The plumber's picks?  A valve adapter (add 1/4" comp. outlet to a valve), an Ice Maker Supply Line, a standard sink sprayer with hose, and a Compression Connector (1/4"OD x 1/4" MIP w/ insert).
They're attached in that exact order from the water supply at the wall.

I turned off the water at the wall.  I unscrewed the existing hose to the toilet, added the valve adapter, re-attached the toilet water line, then screwed on the Ice Maker Supply line to the new valve. 

Then came the compression connector... 

and the sprayer itself.

Voila!  Diaper Sprayer!  I laughed with triumph!
Total Cost?  ~$20 and less than half an hour installation.

What I've learned so far:
  • There is a learning curve with a diaper sprayer, you might, as I did, spray pooplets all around the intended toilet bowl.  Beware the splattering ricochet.
  • Spray close, very close.  Spray down, almost straight down the diaper.
  • The water pressure surprised me, hence the poopletsplosion.
  • Pocket diapers are best sprayed front to back, or pocket opening downward toward the bowl.
  • Prefolds can be challenging if poo is outside the imagined boundary of a liner, but diaper sprayer definitely wins over "swishing" method.
  • The water is cold, so unless you enjoy torturing your children (and your own eardrums), sprayer is not for use on dirty naked children in the tub.