Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mile Hi is awesome, truly a Center for Spiritual Living (more like a party than what my memory of Church is).  I just finished a class, The Bible, Metaphysics, & You.  I have a sentimental attachment to the book, but never really had an understanding of it, historically, contextually, personally, or otherwise.  Overall a great class, deepened my personal understanding around too many things to list here, and answered many questions I didn't realize I retained from my Baptist childhood experience.

Have to note how much I appreciate our spiritual community, when my Littles, concrete thinkers as they are, head to church, they aren't told bible stories or being indoctrinated.  They are allowed to play, do what comes naturally to children, develop a god of their understanding.  There are three main principles I know are taught:
  1. what we plant, grows
  2. what we send out, we get back
  3. God is love
Simple as that.  Jesus, when asked what the greatest commandments were, he replied that the greatest were love god, and love one another.  Is there really anything more?  I think not.

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