Thursday, October 25, 2007


YAY our first snow, we didn't think it would stick that much. A few hours & 4 inches later it stopped, there are still patches of ice today in small areas that don't get much light (I guess). Fiona liked it so much she started loading her pocket with it, a couple of days after the snow she made a game of harvesting what was left of the snow in the yard & putting it in a bucket to keep.
Not too much to report, Mammee & Pahbah we're just pluggin' along. I've been training, Gary's been working, & Fiona's a little tenacious, precocious baby-girl!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Gary Won't TRI...but Ada will!

I have begun training for a triathlon. Just a sprint distance (350 yd swim, 15.5 bike, 5k run) but it's a start. I'm pretty excited about it, and definitely scared outta my wits. The training is essentially bike & lift one day, swim & run the next--that's what it is right now anyway. I joined an online training group for support with training plans, nutrition, gear, answers all my questions, etc. If you're bored one day and want to see what I've been up to....
This is week three for me, the race is on December 2 (Mom's birthday) in Flower Mound. How cosmic is it that I suddenly decide to do this, and there's a race so conveniently located & timed for me?

Fiona has begun using crying as a means of "communication", i.e. she'll rant & rave if I won't give in for one more Baby Einstein video. Her new favorite to show displeasure is to flop to the ground on her belly & lay there in lamentation (Much like Byrnes last night when he was OUT & the ROCKIES WON the NLCS). She really tries to talk, but mostly it comes out MAMMEE, or some semblance thereof in so much gibberish. The other day when she signed a want for banana, I said, can you say "Yes, please"? She sounded out, "Yaaw peeezz". WOW, that was cool. I really wish I could understand her more, the baby signs help a lot, like I've said before though, I have to distinguish between the sign and the say.

Gary's GCCG website is up and running, check it out and let him know what you think!
Otherwise enjoy earsocks...

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Life as a Game of Memory

Remember (hah) the game Memory? With all the little cards, different pictures on each one, only two of each picture though. Lay them all out face down, then flip them over one at a time and try to remember where the pairs are located, having successfully paired two butterflies, umbrellas, or birthday cakes, you remove those cards then try again.
Now, imagine this game permeates your life, and there's a Toddleator wandering about mixing up the cards, moving them, hiding them, eating or tearing them apart covertly--while you're playing. Thus is my life, at least it seems that way sometimes! I am always scanning my memory for last glimpse of sippy cup, snack-trap, random where did I see the horsey/blankie/doll-shoe last?
The Toddleator strikes again, I've wandered the place for 10 minutes looking for the sippy cup, cannot locate it, then in hindsight--ah, yes, she was playing in the cabinets first thing this morning--there it is, neatly placed in her cabinet next to a couple of stacking blocks and a rock. And once for a split second everything is in order, all is quiet, but not for long...she'll be back.

Yesterday Gary, Fiona, & I went to the Pumpkin Harvest at Four Mile Park. What a neato-kewl place! I wish we had arrived sooner, Fiona was tiring already by the time we got there. People in period costume, hay-rides, potato sack races & tug'o'war, scare-crow assembly, crafts, frontier seminars, bake sales, not to mention the field of pumpkins ready to be adopted and mutilated into something spooky. I learned 2 things: 1. Don't let Gary navigate--he always argues with the GPS, 2. If I let Gary buy the pumpkin bread, I won't get any :)
We had lotsa fun, Fiona ran around, got real excited whenever the horses went by and seemed to enjoy stumbling around the pumpkin patch trying to lift or sit on all the gourds.

Have you a pumpkin roller? We do, oh yes, we do!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Beware the SQUIRRELS

After I swam today, I ran the footpath around the park with Fiona in the jogger. As is our habit, we visited to playground so Fiona can get her wiggles out & have a snack. I like the park here, there are always other little ones about & moms to talk to.
At one point I glanced back at my super-kewl baby jogger and there were squirrels hanging onto it...climbing on it, trying to get into the netted pockets on the sides! A chubby little girl ran screaming at the jogger, the squirrels bolt, but then come right back. Chubby-girl repeats screaming attack with same effect, but squirrels only move away some then stand their ground, beady eyes gleaming for the next bit of fodder. Now, I'm not afraid of small rodent-like animals--I once had a rat, yes, a RAT as a pet--but there is something creepy about a squirrel bold enough to attack a plastic bag for a cookie, then stand it's ground and look at you like you're the one acting nuts. As we were leaving the area, I saw the remainder of Fiona's cookies, still in ziploc, in the tiny grip of a tricksy squirrel.

Miss Fiona likes to put socks on her hands, it very important that a sock is on her hand at least once a day for a little while...I'm guessing she's practicing putting them on, it's just the wrong appendage.

And if anyone is wondering, that's a brand new's amazing what will keep a toddler occupied for half an hour.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Is it a home or an office? :)

Gary had a phone meeting today. Fiona was awake and toddling about, 'talking', squealing, tantrum-ing. At one point she wanted Papa to read her a story, he was still "in a meeting" I had to go distract her, "Don't work in my office, I won't play in yours, right?" Smiled.

Gary has started a contractor consulting group, in fact it is called General Contractor's Consulting Group, LLC (GCCG). The website will be available end of this week at the latest, I think it's a great idea and we both hope it does well.

Fiona can feed herself properly, well, properly enough for me! When she's in the mood I can pretty much set her food out on her chair-tray and then make something for myself.
I'm hungry a LOT, especially since I've been training more lately, and if you know me at all you don't want me to be hungry around you. You're makin' me hungry, you won't like me when I'm hungry. Sometimes I do, in fact, turn green--unfortunately it's with nausea.
We went to music class today, I think a teacher that plays guitar makes a positive difference, OR it could be the teacher, this one was different.
Aside: is there anything in the world that smells better than your child? I think not.

It's chilly outside, darn right cold in the morning, we'll have to get snow boots & winter gear pretty soon! OH, goody-goody-gum-drops!