Sunday, July 15, 2012

Marvelous Monkey

I've had this post in mind since yesterday.
On our way to meet The Man at the gym, Miss Monkey seems to be struggling, gratefully I am aware enough to notice when it isn't something that can wait, she needed some time. And what might be so dramatic as to cause a mama pause?  Her sudden realization that her kitten isn't a kitten anymore, and he never will be again.

It started with her comment that she hated Darth Siddius because he wasn't a tiny little kitten anymore.  Then some lament about how she wouldn't want him to grow at all.  After consoling her, commiserating a little from my experience watching her grow so big from a tiny baby, how I miss her as a baby but I do love her wonderful big girl state now, and how I've loved every moment between.  Shortly, she came around to a more thinking state. 

Passage of time is such a gift. To know, really really know, that not a thing stays the same catalyzes understanding of our rare and precious experiences. I asked her if she thought the kitten would still act a kitten if he were to stay small--yes of course he would, right? I had to dash that fantasy, "no sweetheart, if he stayed small, he would grow and learn from inside, his kitty spirit would change with time, then eventually he would be an old cat in a kitten body. That sounds kinda sad to me."

To be in the moment to moment present, with no clinging to conditions or objects or actions, there can be only love....get some serious loving acceptance around impermanence....well here I am learning it and teaching it.
Happiest of precious, fleeting, days.
: )  <3

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