Friday, July 13, 2012


First thing I thought of this morning 4:15a, "flapdoodle, I didn't post last night."

That's okay.  'Cause I can hit it twice today.

I might have a running buddy, assuming she doesn't mind dragging me along behind.  : )  She's reading this book, Run Like A Mother.   Of course it's on my extensive, "To Read" list.
I've never identified as a "runner", I guess I'm going to have to add to my identifications.
It was better pace than I've hit in a long time and something to look forward to.  I think around 3 miles, what I guess was <10' pace based on my puffing and blowing, our local hills took a toll, add to that an almost complete lack of breakfast = bonky dry heaving, and I bail out at almost 4 miles (total distance ~4.5). Sad I won't be able to say I hit 7 miles this morning but happy to report that I didn't walk all the way back, I did miniature strides.  Yes I made that up.  Strides are ~40yd of form focus run, from standing building to 5k pace.  My mini-strides were loosening up the tightness building in my evolved form I'm working on, and gave me something to do as I was getting home.  I virtuously won't count a .25 mile walk in with my run workout unless there was some decent jogging at minimum.  Tempo or cadence is something I need work on (both with running and cycling).  Those are next steps in my athletic evolution I suppose.

The Happiest of Ways to start the day---Get it on with a run at dawn!
: ) <3

p.s. then YOGA

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