Tuesday, July 3, 2012

L & L Of Late

First, The Thumb.  Miss Monkey is 6, and has said that she would let go of her thumb by her,4th 5th 6th birthday.  While on our road trip to Texas I was inspired by the money cans she uses for allowance.  
"Hey, F, what would you think about starting a "dental work" can?  that way if you decide you won't let go of your thumb, by the time you need dental work it'll be all saved up."
Her reaction was explosive.  
Since then it hasn't been an issue, but mostly because the blankie has gone missing.  For almost 2 weeks now, she's been sleeping and functioning without the security item and by default The Thumb has been removed from her sleep routine. As I recently heard 21 days makes a habit---I hope it stays MIA for a while longer yet.

Second, what to do with all those things accumulated in my closet?  last summer I had a garage sale where she bought back the things she wanted with her own money (and sold a few things to neighbors).  That was a lot of work though.  I happened across a Ransom Box idea from another blog (sadly I do not have the url otherwise I would link it).  That mama has more kids than I, and I figure the method could work well with Love & Logic.  

I purchased a clear plastic bin, large enough to be substantial, but still small enough to carry easily.  Placed in side all the toys, dolls, books, dress-ups, etc. that didn't get put away properly, I labeled it, then sat down to make a list of "demands" some inspired by the 50 parent chargers from my L&L workbooks.  
For example:

sweep tile floors
wipe down bathroom cabinets & counters
yell 10 times "My parents are SuperFantastic!"
10 jumping jacks yelling, "only turkeys leave their toys out!"
give mama hugs and kisses, say 5 times "i will pick up after myself!"
sweep patio
fold landry
10 handstands, singing "I'm a Little Teapot"
dust household
wipe kitchen cabinets

Those are just a few.  
I cut these apart, folded slightly, and added to the bin a container of the "ransom demands."

Again, Miss Monkey's reaction was explosive, she spent some time in her room.  She's adapted, however, thus far the score stands at Ransom Box 3 - Uncooperative 6 yo 0.  This way I don't have to nag, and she's got the power to get her stuff back whenever she feels like it---plus the floors are much tidier!

I think we've hit upon a tell tale sign that we're doing a good job setting boundaries, as well.  : ) <3

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