Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Use Cost Co Well

I made a beautiful, super-tasty kale salad last night with the Organic Baby Kale we found at Cost Co this weekend.  I think I'll make it again for my lunch today, not only is it fabulously healthy, it needs to be eaten before turning ichky.
I noticed 2 issues with bulk purchasing for our family: 
  1. a tendency to gluttony
  2. a tendency toward waste

Gluttony is easy when there's so much available.  Pre-Wellness program, we bought our meats, healthy snacks (dried fruit, wheat crackers), and cereals at Cost Co---but not too many greenstuffs or fruits.  The Man was convinced that we wouldn't eat the produce fast enough, and based on our eating habits, he was correct.  Post-Wellness program we now consume mostly plant matter, finishing our large amounts of produce per week with ease, a big wonderful change.  Also, thereby purchasing less meats and only the occasional cheese and fruit leathers for kiddos. Meat, cheese, and processed grains cut a considerable chunk from the grocery bill. Cereal is a rarity, as are classic snack foods, and when we eat bread it's usually what I bake in-home or a singular specialty purchase.  Since there is no ceiling on how many fruits and vegetables one can eat and remain healthy, we're gleefully gluttonous with those goodies.  I think it's challenging for the average person to "use only what you need" when there's such a bounty all about.

Waste is an issue partly due to the shear amount of food we can purchase, sometimes it just doesn't get eaten (or frozen) fast enough.  But there is also food waste associated with the mental attitude, "oh, there's plenty, just toss that and get some fresh."  Now, I wouldn't have thought it possible a few years ago, our fridge is barren by the time the week's end.  I've become a better cook using what we have on hand and ensuring that nothing is wasted, I do love efficiency.

We shop Cost Co because the chain tends to carry more organic/natural eating items than Sam's Club.  The prices are comparable but usually better than our local Sunflower Market (definitively better than the Safeway, though King Soopers is beginning to compete).

HOORAY for Wellness!  Now go get some.
: )   <3

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