Monday, July 30, 2012

No nap

Lamentable beligerence, that's what happens afternoons when there is no quiet time.  She dozed off a tad when I took a short midday training run, but the transfer to carseat didn't take.  That's cool, I'll just drive her about some, she'll pass out again....nope.

It's both entertaining and infuriating when toddlers get so tired they stop making sense. Hollering about wanting "to put on her shoes self!" or "it's raining, thunder flashlight ouTside!"  Then as she drifts in and out of waking consciousness some snippet about a puppy, the neighbors, spaghetti, or bears, or an argument arises with her reality vs. mine.

And then, ooh yes, then the dreaded dinner hour approaches. When overtired children hover in kitchens whilst dinner is prepped, wailing and gnashing of teeth are common.

But I must remain calm and carry on, this to shall pass, and I will miss the chaos eventually.
: ) <3

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