Wednesday, July 11, 2012

One Lama

I will spare you the silly joke of a the one L Lama, the 2 L llama, and a 3 L lllama.  Again, pushed a heavy schedule today as I didn't get up after a 3:30 wake up to help Toddleator E's potty situation...but then the Firstborn had to potty as well, and then there was much sighing and giggling as they eventually went back to sleep around 5:30.  I have a difficult time explaining to Littles during early morning grogs why Mommy is allowed to wake up stoopid early but you, you are not.

So, I will bullet point some notes I took at a talk I attended tonight with Lama Choedak Rinpoche, guest speaker at Impact! regarding 3 Levels of Compassion.
  • all compassion must begin with wisdom, grows with understanding, all suffering is caused by ignorance {god's freedom misused}  and therefore cannot be mitigated with material objects or money.
  • who better to practice compassion with than people who suffer outwardly or cause suffering of others?
  • first level: compassion toward all sentient beings which everyone practices in their individual way. an act of compassion, giving, creates more suffering when we cling to the gift; do not grasp the act of compassion.  Be more grateful for their receiving than from our giving.  {we exist to share our gifts, both material and spiritual}
  • second level: compassion directed to the nature of impermanence. all is impermanent, including suffering. one can confuse self generated suffering with "permanent" suffering.  leave the past, not a thing stays the same---Ever.  therefore, Be present in universal impermanence. {wisdom of uncertainty}
  • third level;  compassion beyond object, with attachment we begin objectification on many levels, be the light of compassion transforming the darkness of resentment, anger, jealousy. {acceptance of the moment's circumstances} there is a balance of responsibility.  no-self isn't nihilism, no-self = act selflessly.  {I take this as a combination of deepening the first 2 levels + accessing divine inheritance}
Sweet dreams : ) <3

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