Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It wasn't a big big deal, but since I let it become a power struggle I had to take decisive action.  In the future I think I'll need to change my approach to the edge of funny, nay ridiculous, instead of letting these people affect my plans thus.  Comedy is a cure all.
I had planned a good run & swim at the gym, then hit the pool for a little bit, baths, quick lunch, and dropping kiddo at gymnastics.
God laughs at plans, right?

Began when I *had* to check something on email,  +10 minutes behind.
Continued when I remember it's garbage day, and there's some attitudinal adjustment from The Firstborn re: helping....
But the recycle pick up had already happened (seriously---before 8am?  yes, my bad.), +30 minutes more for loading, driving, dropping at the local recycle spot.
Finally arrive at gym parking lot...there's a squabble about hair rubber[band]s or hair clips, see there's only one clip and only one hair rubber, but they both want clips.  I suppose I had some weird expectation that the 6 yo would take the more mature attitude.

Note, Miss Monkey will do just about anything to get to KidsClub, she will back-track, capitulate to what ever I might ask, do chores, run laps, just so she can get in there with the play place/big screen/Wii action.

But this is unacceptable.  Since I know that she's only saying what she needs to get what she wants, I have to maintain the upper hand.

After baking in the sun for a few minutes trying to convince the Younger to let me put her hair up, I decide we'll sit in the car for a few minutes.  Upon asking telling, The Firstborn she needs to get back in the car, she then goes quasi-Atomic.  Kicking at me, "YOU'RE STUPID!  I'm gonna call YOU an ADULT WORD!"
I chuckle, "Oh, and how would that work out for you?"
I paused, "You've just shown me that KidsClub isn't for you today."

At a stop light, amidst caterwauling, she hurls a water bottle at me, it glances off my shoulder.
For an instant I see what others in vehicles around me might see from a more unconscious parent.

I calmly look over my shoulder at her, "Aren't you soooo lucky, I am such a good mama?"

Back at home now I've sent texts to all my sitters in attempt to get someone here, payment will come from Miss Ill-Manner Monkey's allowance.  Otherwise she is confined to bedroom time until lunch and then gymnastics.

Of course, the Younger, has behaved like a little angel, being incredibly sweet and calm---or maybe that's just by comparison.

Oh, still a Happy Day 'cause I have all the tools and growth that I need to keep on keepin' on.

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