Monday, April 27, 2009

All In Fun

Tonight, while tussling with Little Girl, I was told by the less-than-pint-sized person, to "lay down, you're a' I'm'a pwince...." I lay down on the floor, of course. She then asks me to close my eyes. It's important to note here, never completely close your eyes around a small child, especially when asked, even if it's the sweetest request in recorded history. Don't do it. I learned that lesson early on, having been head butted too many times to consider lidded blindness an option at all. I keep my eyes ever so slightly open, to ward off the possible onslaught of toy-foot-pillow-elbow-hand-boogery-fingers-knees-bum. Or what's better than those? Drool, oh, yeah, drool, spittle, saliva...drippy slimy goo. Zerburtz, thank-you-very-much Mr. Cosby, are the order of the evening. But only post "wrestling". I'm almost positive Fiona meant rescuing, but she kept insisting it was wrestling, so I went with it. Anyway, asked to lay down, I'm awaiting the "wrestling", she plonks little hands to each side of my face and proceeds to shake my head back and forth, while her little nose is less than an inch away. Giggling like a fiend! So she "wrestles" me a few more times, finger up my nose, then the zerburtz begin. I love a good zerburt, when done well there's very little mess. But little persons who yet have the fine motor skill to raspberry without dousing the party opposite with spit-spray, well, she's somewhat less skilled. So her zerburtzs are slobbery and wet. It's hard to resist wiping a cheek off after a sloppy kiss, I don't want to offend, but then that must be my issue, 'cause I'm positive she notices not at all. She got the biggest kick tonight from my {much exaggerated} reaction to her zerburtz, and her sudden ability to yank me over by my hood from sitting upright.
What a mix up it suddenly is, how fantastic & exciting to have control, even if in play, even if for a short time! Eventually we calmed down, and then it was bedtime.
A lovely day all in all!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Thank Goodness They're Washable

This past Saturday, I got up really early for volunteering at a health fair, Fiona of course when with me. She watched Wall-E on the laptop off to the side, then had a melt down when it was time to go---it was drizzling, chilly and therefore we couldn't visit the park. In a public situation, remembering to have understanding for a child's disappointment is difficult when she's caterwauling. After an eye-level inside-voice, explanation regarding the things we cannot change, and only can accept, we departed the church. Little one showed signs of tiredness, I was wasted from a late workout the night before + unusually early morning, upon arriving home I put her down for nap. Then I promptly passed out knowing that The Other Half was on his way home. Gary arrives and as it turns out Fiona didn't nap at all, she decided to color her extremities blue...arms, legs, & her face for good measure...

Notice how the dress somehow stayed pretty spotless? wow. Thank the Goodness markers are certainly washable---and so are children. If I had done this with markers as a kid I most likely would have spent a few days partially krishna-fied.
Later, I spent 3.5 hours on a spin bike in the gym---talk about mental toughness training. But I'm proud that I got it done. Minus a run last week when I think I was somewhat ill (Little One was ill previous weekend, as she goes, so do I) my volume for the week looks lovely. Spring is here, the birthdays are next week, I'm scrambling for something to treat Fiona to...we just don't know many people up this way yet, and her friend Jack will be out of town. Something will occur to me I'm sure.
A beautiful day for a run today!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Hunt for Eggstra Eggsisting Eggs


Well, there's Easter morning. Basket full of candy and toys, chocolate for breakfast, then scrambled eggs, then more chocolate, then a Hunt, and boiled eggs snack....then more sugar, of the Peep variety.

I can feel it coursing through my veins. There will be a sugar hangover later today, tomorrow, no doubt. In Kids Club at The Gym, there's a trend toward a screaming fest the day after sugar-laden holidays, Halloween & Christmas, of course Easter. Mommies dropped the kiddos positive that a day-after-holiday workout is the thing, and the poor girls working the day care are faced with a couple dozen denizens of dessert caterwauling on the 'cane-crash. Sugar really is like crack for kids. Images of tots trying to score some 'cane on the playground come to mind. Fiona inevitably asks more please, just before the melt-down begins.

We dyed eggs at Miss M's house, The Easter Bunny had to do some late night shopping to flesh out the basket goodies, and now Mama is listening to the Non-Nap of the latent sugar high. The initial crash was pretty nasty. After a short discussion of how fun the day would still be if she made the choice to enjoy it, Fiona pulled it back together and it was out of doors on The Hunt. Only 15 minutes or so and it was all over, chilly and damp outside, does not a great egg-hunt-environ make.

A possible Re-Hunt this afternoon with a play-buddy, nothing much planned other than couch cuddling, play off basketball for Gary, and a long run for me. A lovely weekend all in all!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

As a Mamma

I learn to prioritize and multi-task as never before, this is all On The Job Training.

I will clean a morning poo-diaper before breakfast---before coffee, even!

Joining Big Bear & Mama Horse, I squeeze under table too small, into chair too short in order to be served Fairy Blue Tea on a checker table cloth.

I deal with goop of all kinds...poo-goop, poop, nose goop, food goo, play-doh boogers spread about, drool, paint-goop, glue-goo...

I've mentally transformed crumbs as Little Persons' pixie dust.

I decipher gibberish, I'm fully capable translating for gnomes at this point.

After almost 3 years I feel I've mastered Mom-speak, the voice, intonation, verbiage, semantics that only other mothers really understand why we talk like that.

I get more excited than ever before when gifts and surprises are in store.
I get to say things like "Don't eat snow off your boots!"
"Kitty doesn't like it when you push on his eyeball."
"Do you think the key looks comfortable to put in your ear?"
"Yes, sweetheart, everybody & everything poops."

What I give of myself and what I give up sometimes overwhelms if I'm not vigilant in caring for myself so that I may take the best care of my loved ones.

My life is not my own, by choice. Now I know what no one could really describe, what no one could convince me of---now I know why my life is not my own by choice. If I'm to truly wring every drop of human existence from this life, being a Mother, a parent, is an integral part. As a Mama I embrace the change (Choose Having A New Growth Experience), as painful and terrifying as it can be, I strive to always be a better person over all, so I can be a better example to my daughter.

I love my life as a Mama.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sometimes life events cause wonder and awe. Sometimes, events are inexplicable, sorrowful, making us draw from that deep humanity within...and Be Present. Life is precious, remain grateful, treasure every single moment. I find it's difficult with the daily mendacity of repetitive chores to keep that presence at my mind's forefront, but I do try.

My mind & heart is with my cousins today. All my love.