Friday, July 13, 2012

Momma Hates Water Parks

Is what happened the first time I took The Firstborn to a water park. We have not been back to one, without occasion, since. Amongst the sadness I was struggling with at the time, missing the gorgeous beaches we used to frequent....coming to acceptance that this is our option now in beautiful (yet landlocked) Colorado, then there's a wicked tantrum. She peed on me as I carried her to the locker room. I remember phoning The Man in tears when we finally made it to the vehicle.

Anyway, we tried it again this morning joining a little friend's birthday party. Even with an intention set for the progress of the day....even with prepatory conversation for how this day would go...she still went haywire.  Too excited, too much activity, too much sugar, too much sun & heat, too little time with her friend, plus a scraped knee, an unfriendly rebuff, and total disappointment with what I can only guess were her expectations for the party.  All added up to a total caterwauling fit as we left. She made her self late for practice, she didn't get showered, feed herself well, or prep properly for gymnastics.

I think I did okay with empathy (not medal worthy, but better than past situations), still haven't decided whether or not consequences are forthcoming, but kinda feeling like its been enough already.  It's a lot to ask with such a long day, I get that. Toddleator E had stellar behavior on the other hand. Gratefully they haven't both gone Atomic simultaneously.
I still feel like I will NEVER take her to any water park again though. If don't get to enjoy it with them as well, what's the point?
Maybe we'll wait a few 10 or so.
Happy sunny afternoon!
: ) <3

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