Friday, July 6, 2012

Babies All Around

It seems a few of my contemporaries are all pregnant or recently have had babies.  I'm inspired today to write my [very] short list of absolute must haves for The Newborn.  These are items that I simply had to have the second time around as they worked so well:
  • car seat, a.k.a. baby bucket
  •  Maya Wrap ring sling
  •  Ergo Baby Carrier with infant insert
  •  Over size baby blankets (at least 1.5 yd fabric, see super blankets, those little "receiving blankets" I found as useless as paper napkins, but can be great burp cloths)
  •  L'oved Baby Nursing Cover
  •  Ju-Ju Be Pack-a-Be (really any of their bags are superfantastic, I'm a back-pack girl though)
  •  Rocky Mountain One-size pocket diapers
  •  prefold diapers + BlueberrySweetPea, or RumpaRooz one-size wraps
  • 1 dozen cloth wipes (minimum, no liquid solution, you can wet them as needed)
  •  Dreft powder and a sunny clothesline
  • Several sizes & styles of Simple Onesies (fancy clothes = difficult to launder clothes)
  • 1 hat (including the one from the hospital, 2 is enough to keep track of)
  • Sun hat for a short time later when Little begins to hold up head
  • few socks---be sure to have a plan for the wash (mine was safety pins) and just know & understand they will get lost...find yourself stressing about tiny socks & hats? let it go, baby really only needs you
  • co-sleeper bassinet with linens, unless baby is in your bed.  why co-sleep?  look here.
ANYthing else you (or others) think you need can wait. That said, know this; only your baby and you can decide what is best for you both. Also, remember the wisdom of uncertainty, this is a dynamic state, as soon as you think you're comfortable something will change.  
Babies can't focus, so toys for newborns are silly. Babies spit up and poop a LOT, fancy clothes are totally impractical no matter how *cute*. A Baby needs only you, your voice, your scent, your bodily noises, your face, your closeness. You are perfectly enough just as you are.

“It is no small thing, when they, who are so fresh from God, love us. ” 

Baby E in her SuperBlanket ~ > 2 years ago
she still loves these blankets, large enough for towel

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