Saturday, July 28, 2012

Train like you race, 'Cause you race like you train

True dat.
On 4 hourse sleep, I was dry heaving--well rather a bit more than just dry heaving--after only 30 minutes of running.  With a full walking recovery with my RunBuddy back to her vehicle it was better and I did a reasonable zombie death shuffle to cover the last 20 minutes.  Watched a fire-sky dawn, and molten sun peaking behind the city proper.  Then had to pause for the silhouetted herons ethereal over lake glass.  Smelling damp earth and listening to birdsong....I'm so grateful I didn't "call it in."

Now, post-2 mi. swim (pool, meh), looking forward to napping with Toddleator.  Lack of sleep for me = slight beligerence, hangover look, slow thinking, and draggin' azz workouts.
: )  <3

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