Thursday, July 5, 2012

Grateful for Freedom of...

As I've done before, my gratitude lists are easy alphabets, this one has a theme for the holiday, enjoy.

Today, 4th of July, I am Grateful for my Freedom of....

Attitude--one small change in perception can change a lot more that one might think
Beneficence--who and how is all our choice
Courage--what to use it for and when
Decision--from small daily decisions to the larger more complex
Experiments--because that's what life is, a series of experiments, the more we make the more we learn
Goods to choose from--we have incredible variety here, the bounty that we have incomparable to other countries
Home & Happiness--our pursuits really amount to a need for belonging, a home in classic sense or esoteric, and the happiness we find therein
Intellect--choose to use it, grow it, or not
Joy--comes from within, cultivate it!
Knowing--that inner deep kind
Matrimony--bureaucracy of any kind shouldn't be involved with intensely personal affairs
New learning--because dynamic learning is the key to growth, the opposite of stagnation
Opinion--everyone has one
Patriotism--I get to decide what it is for me
Query--ask questions, lots and lots of questions
Reading--our beautiful library system and the newest fun of anythink
Speech--because everyone simply wants to be heard, the question is: are you willing to give a gift of listening?
Truth--know your own, and speak it like cannonballs!
Understanding--another gift to give
Vision--I have mine, what's yours?
Xenophilia--we can no longer be islands unto ourselves...get some worldly experience
Yelling--it seems to me that it doesn't work, but people still try (see above: Speech)
Zero regrets--regret is useless, serves only to squash my learning experience

I know I could have posted this yesterday, but a cheeseburger coma overtook me.  A lovely day with nottathing to do is always nap inducing.

Happy Independence Day!

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