Monday, July 23, 2012

Okaaay, I've been procrastinating.  This morning when my alarm went off, I was not especially tired, but I switched it off anyway 'cause I will lie there considering what all I'd like to start my day with and then fall asleep again.  And my alarms look similar to this (except waaay earlier than 7th hour-ish)...

(Thank you John Pozsadsides)

I fool myself into thinking that there isn't enough daylight yet to get out and run or bike alone, or that I could just get to the pool, but then what to do?  AH, that's the key.  I need a plan.  Well, I've been procrastinating that as well because I'd really like to have a heart rate monitor to work with, that's the next step in my training evolution I think.  I buckled down today though and picked a HR based plan in pleasant knowing that a HRM will manifest in my future, in the mean time I'll just stick with RPE (rate perceived exertion) or feel.  I'm good with that.  With a plan in place I've no excuses at 4:00am, here is what the first month looks like:

AdaBug happily back on with  Yoga right now, then hitting ye olde 24Hour this afternoon post-taxi kiddo from her gym.
Life is good and it goes on and on.
: )  <3

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