Monday, July 30, 2012

No nap

Lamentable beligerence, that's what happens afternoons when there is no quiet time.  She dozed off a tad when I took a short midday training run, but the transfer to carseat didn't take.  That's cool, I'll just drive her about some, she'll pass out again....nope.

It's both entertaining and infuriating when toddlers get so tired they stop making sense. Hollering about wanting "to put on her shoes self!" or "it's raining, thunder flashlight ouTside!"  Then as she drifts in and out of waking consciousness some snippet about a puppy, the neighbors, spaghetti, or bears, or an argument arises with her reality vs. mine.

And then, ooh yes, then the dreaded dinner hour approaches. When overtired children hover in kitchens whilst dinner is prepped, wailing and gnashing of teeth are common.

But I must remain calm and carry on, this to shall pass, and I will miss the chaos eventually.
: ) <3

Cowprint Killah

He strikes again, aka Pookus McDookus, aka The Cowprint Killah, bka Porter.   Caught him out front with a tasty tidbit.  


Out of plates?

Creative solution!

Add crayons, assuming you've nowhere to be in a hurry, let them doodle while they eat.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Train like you race, 'Cause you race like you train

True dat.
On 4 hourse sleep, I was dry heaving--well rather a bit more than just dry heaving--after only 30 minutes of running.  With a full walking recovery with my RunBuddy back to her vehicle it was better and I did a reasonable zombie death shuffle to cover the last 20 minutes.  Watched a fire-sky dawn, and molten sun peaking behind the city proper.  Then had to pause for the silhouetted herons ethereal over lake glass.  Smelling damp earth and listening to birdsong....I'm so grateful I didn't "call it in."

Now, post-2 mi. swim (pool, meh), looking forward to napping with Toddleator.  Lack of sleep for me = slight beligerence, hangover look, slow thinking, and draggin' azz workouts.
: )  <3

Mile Hi is awesome, truly a Center for Spiritual Living (more like a party than what my memory of Church is).  I just finished a class, The Bible, Metaphysics, & You.  I have a sentimental attachment to the book, but never really had an understanding of it, historically, contextually, personally, or otherwise.  Overall a great class, deepened my personal understanding around too many things to list here, and answered many questions I didn't realize I retained from my Baptist childhood experience.

Have to note how much I appreciate our spiritual community, when my Littles, concrete thinkers as they are, head to church, they aren't told bible stories or being indoctrinated.  They are allowed to play, do what comes naturally to children, develop a god of their understanding.  There are three main principles I know are taught:
  1. what we plant, grows
  2. what we send out, we get back
  3. God is love
Simple as that.  Jesus, when asked what the greatest commandments were, he replied that the greatest were love god, and love one another.  Is there really anything more?  I think not.

For your viewing pleasure.  "Cleaning the Lense"

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

OH what to write what to write.
Back on a training plan is good.  Yoga is good.
Glu-free carrot pancakes, egg whites wrapped around sauteed kale + spinach, topped with sliced tomato...that is rockin' breakfast.  Simple treats like soy mocha iced lattes are good.
Getting studying in while one naps and t'other is gymnastically occupied, that's good.

Tantrums from the 6yo are comically melodramatic.
"We love you.  How do you think this will work out for you?"
"Uh-OH, bedroom time (she's on her way up the stairs already). See you when you're ready to be friendly."

The Second born, "I'ne need a fresh ban'aid!  Mine toe, it's hurts."
Getting a small nip from kitty she complains that "kitty got mine feengur, I need un ban'aid."
But when I ask which one, she studies her digits, forgotten which one exactly and guesses, "uhmm, oh diss one."  Alas, in mine house it's no blood, no band aid...unless of course Papa is around, or one can talk big sister into it, or the neighbors.

The pool 15 yds walk from our door, it's good too.
Little girls who play together sweetly, then pretend they don't want to be sisters anymore, yup, good.
Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman, that's good.
Heros & Zeros, those are good such that we can distiinguish between acts of love and acts of fear.
Late night post-workout smoothie-creations, those are good.
Even the mundane, cleaning toilets, laundry, sweeping, vacuuming, dishes...all that's good, too.  If it wasn't there, I'd know life wasn't happening around me and through me.

Happy dreams.
:  )   <3

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tantrum Style, Toddleator E

She doesn't have many full-on tantrums, and what she has exhibited I think are experiments in copying her elder sister's behavior.  Lucky Toddler gets to see first hand what natural consequences befall the Firstborn with some of her behavior.  My consistency has to be switched on, I think in recent past I've been prey to the "she's just a baby girl" mental track, and I've had to step out of that.  She's not a baby anymore, she's very aware, very intense, very goofy, incredibly sensitive, smart, and verbose.  It's amazing to me that we don't give them more credit as little as they are.  They know exactly what they want and do what they can to get it.  Watching a vid from more than a year ago, I saw The Two sitting opposite each other, The Man mostly addressing Miss Monkey, while Baby E bangs her cup on highchair tray looking expectantly for the attention she knows it will garner.  Toddleator E knows already that she has to go up to her room to tantrum, then sit in recovery.  Most times she'll come out to say, "I done cryeeng, Mama."  Then she tries to take herself out of recovery by sitting a few moments, then "Mama, I done reecov'ree," which sometimes leads into a small power struggle with me because "I say when you're out of recovery, sweetheart, sit back down."
Most times she ends up in bedroom time because she can't communicate fast enough in situations with her sister (yet), and the smaller will simply clobber the bigger.  She's gotten some good shots in on her sister, surprising Miss Monkey a couple of times enough to learn she doesn't want to get into a hitting contest with her.  There are times when I have to sing the "uh-oh" song for them both and they end up in their room hollering together, "I love you both. Work it out, and when you're calm and feeling friendly to each other again, come sit in recovery."
There are only two times I can think of that E has gone Atomic, completely off the edge of reason, and she's been relegated to her bed (or I've wrestled her into the car seat), where she caterwauled seemingly without end until sleep overcame her (must be genetic).  Most other times it's a power struggle between what she wants to do and what I need her aimed toward, i.e. homeward bound pre-dinner on the tricycle.  She's doing well on her tricycle, and last evening she doesn't want to go home.  There's a choice, you can ride your trike home or I can carry you.  Pause. "Uh-oh,  so sad, mommy has to carry you" (and the trike, grateful I've the strength).  I hike the caterwauling, whining sack of potatoes on one side, and the tricycle on t'other side the short distance home, where eventually she calms enough and moves on to something else while I get dinner situated.
So it goes!
Blessed are we.
:  )  <3

Monday, July 23, 2012

Seriously, watch this schtuff. UN.real.


Okaaay, I've been procrastinating.  This morning when my alarm went off, I was not especially tired, but I switched it off anyway 'cause I will lie there considering what all I'd like to start my day with and then fall asleep again.  And my alarms look similar to this (except waaay earlier than 7th hour-ish)...

(Thank you John Pozsadsides)

I fool myself into thinking that there isn't enough daylight yet to get out and run or bike alone, or that I could just get to the pool, but then what to do?  AH, that's the key.  I need a plan.  Well, I've been procrastinating that as well because I'd really like to have a heart rate monitor to work with, that's the next step in my training evolution I think.  I buckled down today though and picked a HR based plan in pleasant knowing that a HRM will manifest in my future, in the mean time I'll just stick with RPE (rate perceived exertion) or feel.  I'm good with that.  With a plan in place I've no excuses at 4:00am, here is what the first month looks like:

AdaBug happily back on with  Yoga right now, then hitting ye olde 24Hour this afternoon post-taxi kiddo from her gym.
Life is good and it goes on and on.
: )  <3

Saturday's Gymnastical

Fun and heart-wrenching at the same time.  I felt I might vomit (similar to pre-race nerves) for her as her turn at vault came closer.  Then I didn't get to see most of beam and none of floor as I was wrangling toddler (a jaw-clenching task).  

Post-meet, when I asked her how she felt about her performance, she piped, "good, great! where are we eating?"  Not a word about scores, and I had to literally bite my tongue to keep from bringing up numbers.  Some parents were already keeping close track of scores, while I forgot to watch for them.  My thoughts and feelings surprise me, competition and perfectionism reappear.  It occurred to me as I caught one of Miss Monkey's scores, that I don't want to look, it made me feel ill again.  When I'm on a road trip, on a long bike ride, or run, I flat refuse to look at mileage until I'm certain the odometer, or "distance to" sign will show something I can feel good about.  These scores feel the same, I don't want to know the scores until there's something there she wants to be proud for, and I'm concerned that she'll immediately tie too much importance to her scores as compared with other girls'.  Primarily, I want her to have fun exploring all the strength and amazing things her body can do. When, or if ever, she wants to be perfect I will support her in that, but she's 6 now, she's a little girl and there's more to numbers and competition in life.  

Here are the videos, in order of event.  It was interesting to listen to what she said about what she could do better.

Friday, July 20, 2012

What happened in Aurora last night is truly, as one official put it, an act of depravity.
I'm becoming more and more convinced that in our human experience we struggle with our innate divinity.  There's a balance to be had between our humanity and the Divine Nature that I believe we are all born with. I think that in the course of daily life we make decisions based upon continual sets of circumstances, good decisions, bad decisions...simply choice after choice after choice.  Each of these choices can either accentuate our divine nature or enhance our basal animal, unconscious nature.  The flip side of the human spirit that strives to emulate a higher consciousness, is an exact opposite.  I theorize that sometimes the greatest seekers may, under certain circumstances, completely break with their innate nature and act out in exactly proportional opposing ways...there's over-balance toward the basal nature and in some cases a complete break of that tremulous connection to Spirit.

Then in my Daily Pearl today:

"We come to know in our spiritual maturity, that everything can be the gateway to a deeper, more powerful, more authentic spiritual expression."

~Dr. Roger W. Teel

And every time we hear and see some viscerally disturbing action that one person takes on another, there is opportunity, after the emotions evoked, the feelings roiling around have subsided, there is opportunity.  I don't care what faith path you've chosen, it's applicable.  What this young adult was suffering from we will never know for sure, never understand, and ultimately it doesn't matter.  We are all fighting something, all the more reason to practice loving kindness to everyone.  And as the Lama said the other evening; "who better to practice compassion with than people who suffer outwardly or cause suffering of others?"

Breathe. FEEL. Pray. Repeat.
Light & Love,

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Use Cost Co Well

I made a beautiful, super-tasty kale salad last night with the Organic Baby Kale we found at Cost Co this weekend.  I think I'll make it again for my lunch today, not only is it fabulously healthy, it needs to be eaten before turning ichky.
I noticed 2 issues with bulk purchasing for our family: 
  1. a tendency to gluttony
  2. a tendency toward waste

Gluttony is easy when there's so much available.  Pre-Wellness program, we bought our meats, healthy snacks (dried fruit, wheat crackers), and cereals at Cost Co---but not too many greenstuffs or fruits.  The Man was convinced that we wouldn't eat the produce fast enough, and based on our eating habits, he was correct.  Post-Wellness program we now consume mostly plant matter, finishing our large amounts of produce per week with ease, a big wonderful change.  Also, thereby purchasing less meats and only the occasional cheese and fruit leathers for kiddos. Meat, cheese, and processed grains cut a considerable chunk from the grocery bill. Cereal is a rarity, as are classic snack foods, and when we eat bread it's usually what I bake in-home or a singular specialty purchase.  Since there is no ceiling on how many fruits and vegetables one can eat and remain healthy, we're gleefully gluttonous with those goodies.  I think it's challenging for the average person to "use only what you need" when there's such a bounty all about.

Waste is an issue partly due to the shear amount of food we can purchase, sometimes it just doesn't get eaten (or frozen) fast enough.  But there is also food waste associated with the mental attitude, "oh, there's plenty, just toss that and get some fresh."  Now, I wouldn't have thought it possible a few years ago, our fridge is barren by the time the week's end.  I've become a better cook using what we have on hand and ensuring that nothing is wasted, I do love efficiency.

We shop Cost Co because the chain tends to carry more organic/natural eating items than Sam's Club.  The prices are comparable but usually better than our local Sunflower Market (definitively better than the Safeway, though King Soopers is beginning to compete).

HOORAY for Wellness!  Now go get some.
: )   <3

It wasn't a big big deal, but since I let it become a power struggle I had to take decisive action.  In the future I think I'll need to change my approach to the edge of funny, nay ridiculous, instead of letting these people affect my plans thus.  Comedy is a cure all.
I had planned a good run & swim at the gym, then hit the pool for a little bit, baths, quick lunch, and dropping kiddo at gymnastics.
God laughs at plans, right?

Began when I *had* to check something on email,  +10 minutes behind.
Continued when I remember it's garbage day, and there's some attitudinal adjustment from The Firstborn re: helping....
But the recycle pick up had already happened (seriously---before 8am?  yes, my bad.), +30 minutes more for loading, driving, dropping at the local recycle spot.
Finally arrive at gym parking lot...there's a squabble about hair rubber[band]s or hair clips, see there's only one clip and only one hair rubber, but they both want clips.  I suppose I had some weird expectation that the 6 yo would take the more mature attitude.

Note, Miss Monkey will do just about anything to get to KidsClub, she will back-track, capitulate to what ever I might ask, do chores, run laps, just so she can get in there with the play place/big screen/Wii action.

But this is unacceptable.  Since I know that she's only saying what she needs to get what she wants, I have to maintain the upper hand.

After baking in the sun for a few minutes trying to convince the Younger to let me put her hair up, I decide we'll sit in the car for a few minutes.  Upon asking telling, The Firstborn she needs to get back in the car, she then goes quasi-Atomic.  Kicking at me, "YOU'RE STUPID!  I'm gonna call YOU an ADULT WORD!"
I chuckle, "Oh, and how would that work out for you?"
I paused, "You've just shown me that KidsClub isn't for you today."

At a stop light, amidst caterwauling, she hurls a water bottle at me, it glances off my shoulder.
For an instant I see what others in vehicles around me might see from a more unconscious parent.

I calmly look over my shoulder at her, "Aren't you soooo lucky, I am such a good mama?"

Back at home now I've sent texts to all my sitters in attempt to get someone here, payment will come from Miss Ill-Manner Monkey's allowance.  Otherwise she is confined to bedroom time until lunch and then gymnastics.

Of course, the Younger, has behaved like a little angel, being incredibly sweet and calm---or maybe that's just by comparison.

Oh, still a Happy Day 'cause I have all the tools and growth that I need to keep on keepin' on.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Home, home, in the rain

I love my creative girls!

What's this?

After getting that garbage out, not but a few short minutes later...all truly is well. We have such pervasive abundance in our lives I need to convey more living gratitude than anything. Each individual struggle has merit, though, and compassion is the only answer.
What's this in my fridge? Yes,yes, that is KALE! From Costco, who inexplicably began carrying it we found this weekend. Hooray!
Struggling at the moment.  Let's list then:

Hungry?  Possibly, haven't eaten that well considering all I'm craving is lovely sweetbreads.

Angry?  Maybe a bit, it appears I'm letting people who make choices that don't involve me or my little family affect me---{sarc}what? really your life doesn't revolve around me/us?  Which in turn means I need to get still and do some nurturing for my inner life... we've been extraordinarily busy doing, and I think my spirit is taking issue with the lack of simple being.  The Toddleator decided to wake when transferred from the vehicle upon arrival after dropping The Firstborn at gymnastics, and so my little solitude for the day has been sabotaged.  And, snagflabbit, I've got stuff to get done!

Lonely?  yes, perhaps.  I haven't been getting much quality time in with dear friends, just once this summer I can think of thus far, starting to feel like the summer is melting away and we haven't taken great advantage of the beauty around here.  Why though?  'cause we're aiming for that house...which hasn't happened turn frustration that this isn't on my timeline.  Struggling to keep momentum and energy around LOViNTee, pretty lonesome there, I need collaboration and input, and a well funded outlet for ideas.
And neglect of my inner spiritual life would generate loneliness, which is subtle and I don't always notice the effects until I find myself in the throes of gnashing teeth and wailing, asking, "what is wrong with me?!"

Tired? not really, given my strangely restful weekend.  Some ways though more sleep does not help me, I tend to use it as an escape.  In this case it's hard to tell though, I think my body is fighting something hence unusual (of late) sinus-ey, headache feeling, and slight ear pressure.

then there's Hormonal? uhm, possibly, but most likely not, timing would be off.  Exercise has been great the past couple of weeks as well.  Though yet another area where I'm feeling pressure to get on a training plan, but have yet to get a heart rate monitor which I believe to be the next evolution to my training (rather than RPE based plans) yet another amorphous holding pattern.

I did sit outside with Littles for their lunch, listening to them patter about in the grass and make-believe all sorts of non-sensical fun.  There's a big purple chalk Happy Day on my patio.

WHAT IF everything will be okay?

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Marvelous Monkey

I've had this post in mind since yesterday.
On our way to meet The Man at the gym, Miss Monkey seems to be struggling, gratefully I am aware enough to notice when it isn't something that can wait, she needed some time. And what might be so dramatic as to cause a mama pause?  Her sudden realization that her kitten isn't a kitten anymore, and he never will be again.

It started with her comment that she hated Darth Siddius because he wasn't a tiny little kitten anymore.  Then some lament about how she wouldn't want him to grow at all.  After consoling her, commiserating a little from my experience watching her grow so big from a tiny baby, how I miss her as a baby but I do love her wonderful big girl state now, and how I've loved every moment between.  Shortly, she came around to a more thinking state. 

Passage of time is such a gift. To know, really really know, that not a thing stays the same catalyzes understanding of our rare and precious experiences. I asked her if she thought the kitten would still act a kitten if he were to stay small--yes of course he would, right? I had to dash that fantasy, "no sweetheart, if he stayed small, he would grow and learn from inside, his kitty spirit would change with time, then eventually he would be an old cat in a kitten body. That sounds kinda sad to me."

To be in the moment to moment present, with no clinging to conditions or objects or actions, there can be only love....get some serious loving acceptance around impermanence....well here I am learning it and teaching it.
Happiest of precious, fleeting, days.
: )  <3

Friday, July 13, 2012

Momma Hates Water Parks

Is what happened the first time I took The Firstborn to a water park. We have not been back to one, without occasion, since. Amongst the sadness I was struggling with at the time, missing the gorgeous beaches we used to frequent....coming to acceptance that this is our option now in beautiful (yet landlocked) Colorado, then there's a wicked tantrum. She peed on me as I carried her to the locker room. I remember phoning The Man in tears when we finally made it to the vehicle.

Anyway, we tried it again this morning joining a little friend's birthday party. Even with an intention set for the progress of the day....even with prepatory conversation for how this day would go...she still went haywire.  Too excited, too much activity, too much sugar, too much sun & heat, too little time with her friend, plus a scraped knee, an unfriendly rebuff, and total disappointment with what I can only guess were her expectations for the party.  All added up to a total caterwauling fit as we left. She made her self late for practice, she didn't get showered, feed herself well, or prep properly for gymnastics.

I think I did okay with empathy (not medal worthy, but better than past situations), still haven't decided whether or not consequences are forthcoming, but kinda feeling like its been enough already.  It's a lot to ask with such a long day, I get that. Toddleator E had stellar behavior on the other hand. Gratefully they haven't both gone Atomic simultaneously.
I still feel like I will NEVER take her to any water park again though. If don't get to enjoy it with them as well, what's the point?
Maybe we'll wait a few 10 or so.
Happy sunny afternoon!
: ) <3


First thing I thought of this morning 4:15a, "flapdoodle, I didn't post last night."

That's okay.  'Cause I can hit it twice today.

I might have a running buddy, assuming she doesn't mind dragging me along behind.  : )  She's reading this book, Run Like A Mother.   Of course it's on my extensive, "To Read" list.
I've never identified as a "runner", I guess I'm going to have to add to my identifications.
It was better pace than I've hit in a long time and something to look forward to.  I think around 3 miles, what I guess was <10' pace based on my puffing and blowing, our local hills took a toll, add to that an almost complete lack of breakfast = bonky dry heaving, and I bail out at almost 4 miles (total distance ~4.5). Sad I won't be able to say I hit 7 miles this morning but happy to report that I didn't walk all the way back, I did miniature strides.  Yes I made that up.  Strides are ~40yd of form focus run, from standing building to 5k pace.  My mini-strides were loosening up the tightness building in my evolved form I'm working on, and gave me something to do as I was getting home.  I virtuously won't count a .25 mile walk in with my run workout unless there was some decent jogging at minimum.  Tempo or cadence is something I need work on (both with running and cycling).  Those are next steps in my athletic evolution I suppose.

The Happiest of Ways to start the day---Get it on with a run at dawn!
: ) <3

p.s. then YOGA

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

One Lama

I will spare you the silly joke of a the one L Lama, the 2 L llama, and a 3 L lllama.  Again, pushed a heavy schedule today as I didn't get up after a 3:30 wake up to help Toddleator E's potty situation...but then the Firstborn had to potty as well, and then there was much sighing and giggling as they eventually went back to sleep around 5:30.  I have a difficult time explaining to Littles during early morning grogs why Mommy is allowed to wake up stoopid early but you, you are not.

So, I will bullet point some notes I took at a talk I attended tonight with Lama Choedak Rinpoche, guest speaker at Impact! regarding 3 Levels of Compassion.
  • all compassion must begin with wisdom, grows with understanding, all suffering is caused by ignorance {god's freedom misused}  and therefore cannot be mitigated with material objects or money.
  • who better to practice compassion with than people who suffer outwardly or cause suffering of others?
  • first level: compassion toward all sentient beings which everyone practices in their individual way. an act of compassion, giving, creates more suffering when we cling to the gift; do not grasp the act of compassion.  Be more grateful for their receiving than from our giving.  {we exist to share our gifts, both material and spiritual}
  • second level: compassion directed to the nature of impermanence. all is impermanent, including suffering. one can confuse self generated suffering with "permanent" suffering.  leave the past, not a thing stays the same---Ever.  therefore, Be present in universal impermanence. {wisdom of uncertainty}
  • third level;  compassion beyond object, with attachment we begin objectification on many levels, be the light of compassion transforming the darkness of resentment, anger, jealousy. {acceptance of the moment's circumstances} there is a balance of responsibility.  no-self isn't nihilism, no-self = act selflessly.  {I take this as a combination of deepening the first 2 levels + accessing divine inheritance}
Sweet dreams : ) <3

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Finally getting around to writing a bit today, not sure how it took this long.  Couldn't figure why I'm so sleepy then remembered that I've been up since about 5am with my attempt at working out, thwarted by a wide-awake Toddleator E...probably 'cause I left the alarm (read: phone) downstairs.  I thought that it'd help me wake up having to head downstairs to get the alarm, but instead it went off for ~15 minutes and most likely awakened She-Who-Is-Loudest-When-YOU-Are-Sleeping.  Even after she proclaimed, "I done sweeping, mama!"  I still made an attempt to get her to settle back in.  Alas! Alack, all for naught!  (lamentation & tragedy!)

So, I didn't go outside to ride or run like I imagined I would, I didn't go swim at the gym in the beautiful early dawn....I lay on the couch cuddling for a few minutes before, "Mama, I'ne hunngreee."
So began the day.  By the time our impromptu picnic in the artist's studio was complete I must've had the Thousand Yard Stare (you know the stare that shows, they've been in the sh*t), The Man asks me, "Are you okay?"  I knew it must be almost 8pm as is typically when my Mommin' battery starts to wear down.

It was a lovely standard day, with gym, errands, home for lunch and pool, baths, quiet time, and then ballet, errand for LOViNTee before home again.  Eating well and feeling great!
More tomorrow, for now, I need rest.
Happy evening!
: ) <3

Monday, July 9, 2012

Finally an Etsy shop!

Would that I had more fresh photos, it seems I'm constantly shipping items away before I could photograph them properly.  There's a massive learning curve to this, I've learned how to calculate my sales tax for the state and the city.  I'm learning about internet sales and marketing.  Promotion and sales are easy for me, I am a natural promoter, but I like face time better than screen time. Promoting my own product felt different, I'm emotionally vested in this endeavor.  There are finer points to learn about these things of course, between all my other joys in daily life I fit it all in somehow.  There is incredible satisfaction seeing my idea beautifully printed on a shirt going to someone sure to be satisfied.  When I wear my own designs I'm acutely aware of my conscious state.  I couldn't wear the "Kind" design without being accountable for my interactions with others and especially my kids.  I really do feel more "Powerful" or full of "Ease" wearing the I AM words.

There is always room for growth and learning, some days I get nothing done, other days I'm totally on top of it all.  Being gentle with myself has become [almost] second nature.  There really is plenty of time, for me to take this one step at a time.  Though I may be somewhat impatient with progress of my business' growth, I am faithful that every thing is in place now and will fall into place beautifully when the time comes.  Spirit never disappoints!

Sunday, July 8, 2012


That red-headed Scot on the poster didn't disappoint.  Surprisingly, gratefully a Disney movie that I enjoyed as it had redeeming value in lessons of legends, a wholly like-able realistic heroine, and plenty of innocent laughs.  After Mile Hi today we formulated a plan to do something fun, with rain on the horizon we voted movie matinee. Checking movie rating for Brave, we figured it was a reasonable option.  There are some seriously intense fighting scenes with bears, one of the more dramatically portrayed bears definitively affected The Firstborn as she spouted about it for a while afterward.  Toddleator E ended up sleeping fire most of the film, so no worries with her image digestion. Short-lived Miss Monkey's episode was though and probably ignited by skipping lunch in favor of cinema popcorn.  We set ourselves up for the adventure though and at least approached it consciously. After some lament about Greek for our late lunch, both girls gobbled up gyros.  After some down time for us all, we ventured out for local ice cream.  A wonderful Sunday, topped with yoga & Batman.
Happy day!
: )  <3

Saturday, July 7, 2012

At Our Table

My daughter lights the candle for love, gratitude, and peace. We share our tasty meal of The Man's fantabulous bean soup over rice with fresh parmesan.  We chat about people we saw this week and funny things that happened. Then pass around the experimental rice flour brownies, which are flavorful and somehow spongy like a rice pudding. Doesn't matter though, 'cause the girls enjoy them anyway. 
Over brownies we play, "I'm taking to our very own home...." If its any indication we'll have three Guinea pigs, the kitten, the whole family (thank goodness, wouldn't want to leave anyone behind!), and of course plenty of love, satisfaction, fun, and adventure.
Happy day!
: )  <3

Friday, July 6, 2012

Babies All Around

It seems a few of my contemporaries are all pregnant or recently have had babies.  I'm inspired today to write my [very] short list of absolute must haves for The Newborn.  These are items that I simply had to have the second time around as they worked so well:
  • car seat, a.k.a. baby bucket
  •  Maya Wrap ring sling
  •  Ergo Baby Carrier with infant insert
  •  Over size baby blankets (at least 1.5 yd fabric, see super blankets, those little "receiving blankets" I found as useless as paper napkins, but can be great burp cloths)
  •  L'oved Baby Nursing Cover
  •  Ju-Ju Be Pack-a-Be (really any of their bags are superfantastic, I'm a back-pack girl though)
  •  Rocky Mountain One-size pocket diapers
  •  prefold diapers + BlueberrySweetPea, or RumpaRooz one-size wraps
  • 1 dozen cloth wipes (minimum, no liquid solution, you can wet them as needed)
  •  Dreft powder and a sunny clothesline
  • Several sizes & styles of Simple Onesies (fancy clothes = difficult to launder clothes)
  • 1 hat (including the one from the hospital, 2 is enough to keep track of)
  • Sun hat for a short time later when Little begins to hold up head
  • few socks---be sure to have a plan for the wash (mine was safety pins) and just know & understand they will get lost...find yourself stressing about tiny socks & hats? let it go, baby really only needs you
  • co-sleeper bassinet with linens, unless baby is in your bed.  why co-sleep?  look here.
ANYthing else you (or others) think you need can wait. That said, know this; only your baby and you can decide what is best for you both. Also, remember the wisdom of uncertainty, this is a dynamic state, as soon as you think you're comfortable something will change.  
Babies can't focus, so toys for newborns are silly. Babies spit up and poop a LOT, fancy clothes are totally impractical no matter how *cute*. A Baby needs only you, your voice, your scent, your bodily noises, your face, your closeness. You are perfectly enough just as you are.

“It is no small thing, when they, who are so fresh from God, love us. ” 

Baby E in her SuperBlanket ~ > 2 years ago
she still loves these blankets, large enough for towel

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Kitties finally making nice.

After the initial adjustments they're starting to get along....mostly.  There's an occasional hiss-fwap-spat with a stair chase, mostly they're wrestling buddies at opportune times of the day when the girls are sleeping or otherwise occupied.   Watching movies after Littles are asleep, we hear what sounds like miniature elephants in the playroom directly above, 'cause when kids are away cats will play.

Grateful for Freedom of...

As I've done before, my gratitude lists are easy alphabets, this one has a theme for the holiday, enjoy.

Today, 4th of July, I am Grateful for my Freedom of....

Attitude--one small change in perception can change a lot more that one might think
Beneficence--who and how is all our choice
Courage--what to use it for and when
Decision--from small daily decisions to the larger more complex
Experiments--because that's what life is, a series of experiments, the more we make the more we learn
Goods to choose from--we have incredible variety here, the bounty that we have incomparable to other countries
Home & Happiness--our pursuits really amount to a need for belonging, a home in classic sense or esoteric, and the happiness we find therein
Intellect--choose to use it, grow it, or not
Joy--comes from within, cultivate it!
Knowing--that inner deep kind
Matrimony--bureaucracy of any kind shouldn't be involved with intensely personal affairs
New learning--because dynamic learning is the key to growth, the opposite of stagnation
Opinion--everyone has one
Patriotism--I get to decide what it is for me
Query--ask questions, lots and lots of questions
Reading--our beautiful library system and the newest fun of anythink
Speech--because everyone simply wants to be heard, the question is: are you willing to give a gift of listening?
Truth--know your own, and speak it like cannonballs!
Understanding--another gift to give
Vision--I have mine, what's yours?
Xenophilia--we can no longer be islands unto ourselves...get some worldly experience
Yelling--it seems to me that it doesn't work, but people still try (see above: Speech)
Zero regrets--regret is useless, serves only to squash my learning experience

I know I could have posted this yesterday, but a cheeseburger coma overtook me.  A lovely day with nottathing to do is always nap inducing.

Happy Independence Day!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

L & L Of Late

First, The Thumb.  Miss Monkey is 6, and has said that she would let go of her thumb by her,4th 5th 6th birthday.  While on our road trip to Texas I was inspired by the money cans she uses for allowance.  
"Hey, F, what would you think about starting a "dental work" can?  that way if you decide you won't let go of your thumb, by the time you need dental work it'll be all saved up."
Her reaction was explosive.  
Since then it hasn't been an issue, but mostly because the blankie has gone missing.  For almost 2 weeks now, she's been sleeping and functioning without the security item and by default The Thumb has been removed from her sleep routine. As I recently heard 21 days makes a habit---I hope it stays MIA for a while longer yet.

Second, what to do with all those things accumulated in my closet?  last summer I had a garage sale where she bought back the things she wanted with her own money (and sold a few things to neighbors).  That was a lot of work though.  I happened across a Ransom Box idea from another blog (sadly I do not have the url otherwise I would link it).  That mama has more kids than I, and I figure the method could work well with Love & Logic.  

I purchased a clear plastic bin, large enough to be substantial, but still small enough to carry easily.  Placed in side all the toys, dolls, books, dress-ups, etc. that didn't get put away properly, I labeled it, then sat down to make a list of "demands" some inspired by the 50 parent chargers from my L&L workbooks.  
For example:

sweep tile floors
wipe down bathroom cabinets & counters
yell 10 times "My parents are SuperFantastic!"
10 jumping jacks yelling, "only turkeys leave their toys out!"
give mama hugs and kisses, say 5 times "i will pick up after myself!"
sweep patio
fold landry
10 handstands, singing "I'm a Little Teapot"
dust household
wipe kitchen cabinets

Those are just a few.  
I cut these apart, folded slightly, and added to the bin a container of the "ransom demands."

Again, Miss Monkey's reaction was explosive, she spent some time in her room.  She's adapted, however, thus far the score stands at Ransom Box 3 - Uncooperative 6 yo 0.  This way I don't have to nag, and she's got the power to get her stuff back whenever she feels like it---plus the floors are much tidier!

I think we've hit upon a tell tale sign that we're doing a good job setting boundaries, as well.  : ) <3

Monday, July 2, 2012


Since it's summer time we're supposed to have more spare time....riiight.  So, I'm issuing a challenge to myself to blog once a day, about something.  Doesn't matter what it is, just get some writing done---it's cathartic for me, I need this outlet for sanity and creative exercise.

Outfitted for
countenance changed
A happy weekend was spent watching Olympic trials and trying out The Man's popcorn experiments.  Miss Marvelous monkey has mentioned multiple times, "When I'm in the Olympics..."

Big breath Mama, here we go, into the wild blue yonder!  That's what she wants, her goal, I will not disparage it in any way.  I will not say, "maybe", or "yeah, BUT....", and I will not erode her vision, her confidence by reminding her "IF".  

It's what she wants I will stand behind her successes and learning opportunities (b.k.a mistakes) the whole time. 

"beam" on
basement floor
I pride myself on being incredibly careful with boundaries between what she wants to do and what I want for her in life.  I've realized that I mustn't offer opinions unless specifically solicited, sometimes though my opinion shows through in my speech, mannerism, and actions.  Children mirror us in every way.  I am a hands off parent when it comes to her endeavors.  I offer support where needed, but otherwise it's her show completely.  Which has made for interesting non-conversations with other gym parents.  I guess I'm atypical like that.

There, my first post of 30 to come in July's lovely heat.
My mission today is to find a tri-training plan that will serve for an Olympic distance in October.

Happy day!
: )  <3