Wednesday, January 21, 2009

When Grandparents Visit

The Grandparents Bowman Unit visited early this month, and it was really nice. Fiona was SO excited she could hardly eat with them around. Added bonus that when grandparents visit, they bring PRESENTS! Ever since there have been tea parties and lots of galloping-snorting-whinnying around the house. Fiona & I enjoyed the Aquarium & sight-seeing with Gramma & Granpa. Then the bonus of the authentic British Tea House & Restaurant at Hilltop Inn---my first time for true Yorkshire Pudding! A gem of a place!

Thank you to my parents for the gifts and taking the effort to bring ALL the remainder of my possessions up to Colorado. It's bizarre having previous lives collide in the current time continuum. I really can't explain it, it's traumatic in a healthy, healing way. I completed the initial reorganization & perusal. Must've thought somehow that I would return to unpack in a relative short time, based on some things I kept, but that's not what happened. Now I need to get most of it put in storage properly again, catalogued mentally, rid myself of what is rotten or of no real use anymore. Most of it was packed exactly as I left it, only one box casualty of a Texas rodent.
What an enlightening experience to see what I thought was important as a child, as a college student/first marriage, as a young professional & single person. Now, other than historical record, I'm trying to redefine its use. It seems I was searching for my relevance to the universe, keeping strict records in lots of journals. Now that I have found relevance in life to date, the rest is ancient history, impotent information. Since all is impermanent , no Thing lasts, I'll purge a majority of this 'stuff' and keep only poignant keepsakes, possibly interesting to our offspring should they ever be curious. A men tal "house" cleaning, how appropriate at this New Year time, how amazing that it all culminates exactly when it should....god-the-universe is watching.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Early year doldrums

Ho-Hum the dol-drumms. This is the time of year when the post holiday doldrums set in. I feel somewhat restless, want to travel, probably just suffering some withdrawals from all the holiday treats. Not much to do other than plug along day to day. Traditionally the slowest time of the year for retail and restaurant industries ('cause I used to work for them). Maybe that's why Valentine's Day has become such a commercialized "holiday"? Desperate retailers trying to inject a little more cash post holiday, pre-memorial day?

Every now and then I think about getting a part time job, but mostly what I want to do would involve a certification, or more education, so it's all sort of in limbo. I've attempted to get a couple part time jobs, but so far no one is interested in my long past service industry experience, or my more recent over-/under-qualifications. Now I am in that gray area, too experienced for this one, not mastered enough for the other one. Give it up to god-the-universe, it must have something else planned for me.

Fiona has a fever today, 101.5 topped out when the medication has worn off, I'm still considering taking her to the doc. Fevers don't bode well for social interaction, so we're house-bound for the most part, no gym-time for me until Gary is home from work. I've a looong workout today, and I hate to miss 'em since I've signed up for the 5430 Series. I tend to give myself a hard time missing workouts, it's early yet though---I have to remember that. Maybe I'll get some housework done? *snerk* No really, I do need to get some housework done, and I will....soon. Plus there's the other pork-ham-roast-thing from The Colossal Christmas Shank I plan to roast today. Fiona's not too bad off, her behavior is next to normal, she's a bit listless with the fever, but certainly hasn't lost the knack for tantrum-ing in proper form, her appetite is fine, and fluid intake appears normal. Hence, my being on the fence regarding trekking to the doc---it's just a fever. (knock on wood)

The other day we put Bark Butter on the trees out back (Thank You Miss M!). ONE fat squirrel ate ALL of it I think---very possibly the same squirrel that munched on the dinosaur (see archive). The birds hardly got any it seemed. Little Girl got a kick outta spreading it on the tree, and hung around the back door for a while watching the critters attempt to sneak some tasties from The Fat One. There's a bit more, maybe butter the trees again today.
So it goes. :D

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Oh the joys of Christmas toys!

We only bought one thing that takes batteries, the Kid Tough Camera. It's actually pretty neat, I'm considering creating a photoblog solely of Fiona's photography, then letting her 'type' a little here and there for it. Otherwise, when asked if Santa came to our house, she has proudly told several people that the oversized elf (regardless of what the card said) brought her a rocking horse. Later she added the kitchen to that list. She's been very well occupied since Christmas morning!

She's had great fun with the pound-a-peg & stacking train from Granpa, the stacking game from Gramma, loves the placemats from Great Aunt Susan. One pair of Christmas slippers is too big, one pair is too small, the unicorn-rainbow-stars winter hat has gotten lots of use already (yay!), and she loves her new pink coat Papa picked out. Other insane cute things like her 'bone' tee-shirt Papa gave her, and the leopard print velour lounge suit, have been worn until so dirty I had to make her take them off to be washed. I was reminded of a year that my little sister wore leopard print ears and tail almost constantly---are we headed that direction?

So just some pics and bitty movies for fun (photos should all be on Picasa for family viewing/prints also). We did get to ice skate some, I really enjoyed it and so did Fiona, she keeps asking to do it again.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


That's what Gary said, and it seems to fit. It is a new year, a new time, but mostly it's a new number. If time is abstract, arbitrary, and there are multiple new "years" in different culture, Happy New Number makes sense I think.
We spent a quiet evening, preparing black eyed peas, playing with Toddleator. I visited with some friends, then woke Gary (asleep on the couch) to watch the ball drop in the last minute, got my new year kisses, and went straight to bed. Neither of us could believe that Dick Clark is still "rockin' ", he's got to be about 90-ish.

I wish everyone safety, health, & joyous living this calendar year. I can't wait to see what happens next!