Wednesday, July 25, 2012

OH what to write what to write.
Back on a training plan is good.  Yoga is good.
Glu-free carrot pancakes, egg whites wrapped around sauteed kale + spinach, topped with sliced tomato...that is rockin' breakfast.  Simple treats like soy mocha iced lattes are good.
Getting studying in while one naps and t'other is gymnastically occupied, that's good.

Tantrums from the 6yo are comically melodramatic.
"We love you.  How do you think this will work out for you?"
"Uh-OH, bedroom time (she's on her way up the stairs already). See you when you're ready to be friendly."

The Second born, "I'ne need a fresh ban'aid!  Mine toe, it's hurts."
Getting a small nip from kitty she complains that "kitty got mine feengur, I need un ban'aid."
But when I ask which one, she studies her digits, forgotten which one exactly and guesses, "uhmm, oh diss one."  Alas, in mine house it's no blood, no band aid...unless of course Papa is around, or one can talk big sister into it, or the neighbors.

The pool 15 yds walk from our door, it's good too.
Little girls who play together sweetly, then pretend they don't want to be sisters anymore, yup, good.
Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman, that's good.
Heros & Zeros, those are good such that we can distiinguish between acts of love and acts of fear.
Late night post-workout smoothie-creations, those are good.
Even the mundane, cleaning toilets, laundry, sweeping, vacuuming, dishes...all that's good, too.  If it wasn't there, I'd know life wasn't happening around me and through me.

Happy dreams.
:  )   <3

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