Friday, December 30, 2011

The Cats Pajamas

The Kitten.  Of late, rightfully named Darth Siddius, as he has been an absolute nuisance at night and the wee hours of the mornings.  It's rather like having a new baby in the house, at least that's my reference last I felt this sleep disturbed.

After her laborious endeavor to ensure receiving a "real live kitten" from St. Nick, Christmas morning the mewing package was opened.  The Firstborn is enamored of her feline to a point of distraction--which may not be saying much as she is a 5.5 year old.

kittenish in kitten pajama, with real, live, kitten

proper 'crazed' look of kitten
Porter was, er, less than enthused about Darth Kittius (code name: Breakfast Cheese).  After 4 days, the elder cat has begun venturing out from under the bedside tables (where he hissed and mowled at kitten's attempts to play) to his usual haunts.  We plied him with canned wet food, a rare treat, and a new collar with proper tag.  He is slowly becoming accustomed to the new addition.  To get a taste of what it's like cat + kitten, see Double Trouble.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Christmas to All

Busy bodies cramming visits amidst holiday errands and common responsibilities.
A tree arrives. 
Soft needles, strong gorgeous scent, beating light heart, 
the growing familial collection of ornaments.

Family visiting, pleasant and playful.  Uncle and Auntie then exit graceful.
Hidden gifts, secreted away, finally reappear brightly wrapped.
Excitement excruciating for little girls, 
counting days down.

Warm Christmas kitchen, spiced nuts and gingerbread. Oh-so-delightful aromas fill my home.
Gifts abound, goodwill is great.

Above all
spending time, making memories with dear friends, enjoying each presence,
better than presents.
The Spirit of Christmas is alive and well here, as I wish it with you as well.

Love & Light this season, 

Friday, December 23, 2011

Building materials

We held it together until we thought it was stuck, but then there was a holiday's all about the process though, no?  It was a valiant effort.  And after a few mouthfuls of candy we had to "stop serving" The Firstborn as it didn't bode well for dinner.

As it's about the journey, there is something to add here about building materials for long term friendships, this is one.  It's about the effort paired with presence, nothing whatever to do with quantity, it's all about quality.


Holiday Nuts outside?  Better put some inside as well.

Monday, December 5, 2011

My Brain Baby

I've been pregnant of sorts with a brain baby, and idea on my mind since February or so, finally came to fruition this past weekend, and here is the story...

I have a challenging, tenacious, outspoken five year old daughter.  It was her first summer day camp and she was having some problems adjusting.  One night after a trying day, an idea occurred to me, to tape affirming adjectives to her pajamas as she slept…”calm”, “respectful”, “cooperative”, “loving”.  I had just learned about Masaru Emoto’s work with positive & negative phrases and water crystals.  I figured, well, humans are mostly water it couldn’t hurt to try it.

It was as if a switch flipped.  She awoke her sweet self the next morning and had very good days at camp thereafter. 

With this success I ruminated on the idea.  Our homeschool co-op utilizes The Family Virtues Guide of The Virtues Project. Taking this as inspiration to my adjective idea a strike of mental lightning gave me my first three or so word-triplet designs.  It had to be “I AM” statements, adjectives that are interrelated and would aid me to be my Best Self. 

Once I had the matured concept on the brain, it wouldn’t leave me alone.   I love a soft, quality tee-shirt with a stylish pair of jeans, my mommy uniform.  If that shirt were to help me, “Patient, Loving, Kind,” with my daily endeavors to raise human beings AND if my dynamic daughter will wear a comfy tee that states, for instance “Peaceful, Respectful, Cooperative”, making my mommin’ even a little easier—I am all for it!

Of course, with all of this I became compelled to share this success with others.  After some tribulation with the How to get it done, I settled on hand stenciling the shirts.  Until I receive a massive order, I will enjoy the total customization possibilities, and the artistry of it all (I have had to begrudgingly admit I am an artist). 

So, here we are.  Joyfully moving forward on this new adventure!  This is LOViNTee, positively wearable.

the booth!

the table and design book

Logo on back of tees