Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pie in the Sky July

Independence day (a while ago now, I know) was great. We walked to the County Commons to watch fireworks. Fiona had a ball twirling & playing frisbee with new friends. She got tired of the fireworks display after a little while though, and actually said she wanted to go to bed.

Then there's the PIES. I made a strawberry rhubarb pie that was beautiful & delicious. Then I made another wasn't as good as the first one, still really tasty but not perfect. There is something I must be doing that's meditative during the first pie attempts, that I can't seem to duplicate with subsequent pies. More study is needed.

Then there's gymnastics.

Fiona got a leotard, then wore it for 2 days & nights.

And the beaching/swimming.

And Dragon Boat Festival---FLYING DRAGONS!!!
Our team holds the record for the 500m course (HOORAY), but we lost on a technicality to the Florida Chop Suey this year (BOO).

And that's how summer time is, lots of fun, busybusybusy.

My Olympic distance race, on the 12th, went SO much better than the Sprint (June). I took 40 minutes off my previous Oly time. WOW. Race Report here. I was so pleased and proud, felt fresh afterward too!

Last week we took an evening out to see Walking With Dinosaurs which was neato. Fiona was on the edge of her seat for real, just about the entire show. At intermission she was fairly concerned that it might be over with. After pointing out that it was just a potty break for everyone, she felt better, but still took some convincing before she decided it was okay to get up & go with me to the ladies.

Yesterday, funny things mothers end up saying:
"Stop using the dog on my hair, please!" (a wooden toy dog, while she was "making my hair")
"Honey, don't touch your face after you touch your bottom. STOP rubbing your eye---you just touched your anus!" (such an un-pretty word, but all the books say to call the parts what they are...)
Cheerily pluggin' along!
Next weekend, HIM!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Yogic Soundtrack

This morning as I was mid-practice of a short form Ashtanga, Fiona grabbed her tambourine, a mallet, and a yoga soundtrack, direct feed from the universe special just for me. little moment.

Yesterday, a couple block walk to and from a pool in MJJ Crew neighborhood...someone (who shall remain nameless *ahem*) had the super-fantastic idea Little girl could use the scooter (a 3 wheel Radio Flyer) while friend-Jack used his bike. Fiona proceeded to make her way, slowly slowly slowly toward the pool...she banged her ankle...she banged her ankle again...Mercy dragged her a little while, I dragged her a little while---I say dragged because pull lends the notion that it was comfortable to bend partially over as a humpback might while handling the child-laden scooter. Anyway, we made it to the pool with little incident, thankfully. I was admittedly grumpy at the prospect of the scooter to begin with 'cause I could just see how it would play out....and I was already somewhat hungry.

The pool was great, I'm jealous that MJJ have a practical 25 yd lap pool + kiddie pool in their neighborhood, splendiferous with awnings, chaises, lifegaurds, showers, & lovely bathrooms. All it lacks is an ice cream and taco vendor---ooo, possible career opportunity for me?

So right as we've decide time is up, Fiona dumped a cup of water over a little girl's head, after which she had to apologize, ask if there was anything she could do---this mostly to the mother 'cause the one year old mainly was disturbed by the sudden-ness of it I bet. It was derned impossible to keep Fiona still long enough to attempt to teach her how to hold her breath & blow some face-in-the-water bubbles, let alone take pictures. After some tantrumming & potty breaks, we make it back to the bike/scooter parking area, donned PPE and began the journey back to MJJ house. What a journey it was.

After a decent headstart Fiona showed lots of promise on the scooter, pushing along with her right leg. Then the rest of the party quickly caught up and passed us, she again was somewhat frantic that we (read:she) would be left behind. Try as she might though she just couldn't scoot fast enough to catch up. It was really warm that day, and we were hungry. I'm proud of myself that I didn't lose my temper all the way back, remained encouraging and as positive as possible in the screaming face of Fiona's determination. She clipped her ankle several more times, each time she cried louder and longer. Eventually she just never stopped crying, pushing that scooter along CRYING, and knocking her ankle again, and CRYING, kept scooting...CRYING.

Mama: "Fiona you don't have to keep riding the scooter you can take a break."
Little Girl: "Noooo!" then the ankle again, and she's off scootin' and cryin'. Panic at being so far behind.
Mama: "Look they're waiting on us, they're just waaaay up there, it's okay."
Little Girl: crying.
Mama: at eye level "Fiona, you can stop if it hurts, it's OKAY. You learned how to scooter, that's awesome. You're really determined, that's great! Now you can stop if it hurts, okay?"
Little Girl: "Nooo, I wanna ride scooter!" sobbing.
and repeat dialogue, ALL THE WAY BACK TO PLACE OF ORIGIN.

Eventually, with about half a block to go, she did get off and walk a little ways while I carried the scooter, but immediately upon entering hearing/listening distance of Mercy & Jack & friends, she said she wanted to ride again and finished the trip in very tenacious style.
"My little endurance athlete," I said, "she wouldn't stop, she was totally determined to ride it all the way here...kept going even though it hurt."
To which my newest & dear friend Mercy replied, "GEE, Ada, I wonder where she gets that from?" *snerk*