Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Not a "Most" Day

Most days I wake with a certain cheerfulness.  Though I haven't succeeded with my ideal schedule yet, it's just as well, I've been able to fit the Care Full things in as needed.  Most days I can wake and begin the day with ease and grace (more so after breakfast).  Most days our rhythm is fairly set, small people are cooperative 'cause our curriculum is pretty fun, simple, the morning lesson moves quickly.

This morning however, I woke with a serious dread to this day.  No particular reason.  I want to sleep for another couple of hours to shake this head-cold experience, I'm not optimistic about the 3yo attitude for the's been brutal the last couple of days.  Monka-Doo has really been testing her boundaries, reminding me of Miss Monkey as she hit Thunderous Threes and I was suddenly in a world of Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot did I do to deserve this hellion of a child?  Monday I think there was maybe only one, ONE, hour of the entire day when (while awake or present) someone wasn't whining, screaming, fig1hting, or crying.
(see also tantrums label)

The Firstborn has been relatively resistant lately with our curriculum, and I get frustrated with any thought-quip that "well it's supposed to simply flow, if you'd do your prep work earlier or more thoroughly."  My reactive response for the moment, "F-off."  The girls miss each other when one is in homeschool connection, then t'other attends her little school following day. So, this morning they are content to play quietly together going on 2 hours now.  And I'm letting them---so, so, very grateful for the reprieve.  Miss Monkey will have to catch up on her work, as it seems she's uninterested in participating at the movement-song-form-draw level, I feel my recourse is to have her sit and do the work much like institutional school, worksheets and whatnot.  Tomorrow is another day.

I just wish I felt better to get some housework and packing complete.  le sigh.  Getting back on track totally with dieta, and continuing the search for the next house.
:- /

 I am in need of a proper camera, partly for LOViNTee purposes. The last one damaged by small people and has gone walkabout, noticing a total lack of photos, save instagram & phone pics....feelin' kinda sad about this.

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