Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Begin the Move Again

Day 3 of home stay due to some smaller person having a fever. So, to review, that's: a cold of some sort between the two of them, a mercifully quick & mild tummy bug, then a really high fever + headache/cough lite congestion for the younger then the elder.  One day they have no fever, then 102+, it's kinda weird.

I am healthy, and grateful for it, rather refusing this bout for myself.  I disinfected the house yesterday.  Every surface within reach of small hands was wiped with my preferred solution, including & not limited to light switches, door jams & counter tops.

More packing done. I can actually be grateful that I'm really good at it, as I've moved more than a dozen times in my life since moving out of childhood home, and efficiency is key.  

Weeks before hand, begin with an area a day. Items in storage, re-organize, consolidate, re-box, and stage. 
In the living spaces, start with knick-knack items, decor, books, and photographs (I've consolidated all the wall photos, etc. to one area for now).
Any clothing in storage (regular clothes in my current case), use [one of many] bags/suitcases to pack ready-to-move.
Rotate to packing items in the kitchen and hobby/play rooms that aren't essential, i.e. craft bins, fabric bins, baking pans, fancy dishes and platters---anything in cabinets that only gets use once a month or less.
Label everything with quality masking tape and sharpie (preferred method).  I've a memory for a lot of things, however, if something is in a box for more than a month I'll question whether it existed at all when I suddenly miss it.

some bins we've had for years
The best part of moving?  Culling through what one doesn't need.  I actually really enjoy and appreciate the process to minimalize belongings.  Things that used to hold such importance, no longer do.  I've honed a skill, the skill of examining items for their worth to me.  
Will this be important by this time next year?  Out of all the art work my girls turn out, which one will I really remember, yield the past pleasure of their little-ness, in 30 years? (and then gauge their interest in keeping it---has it been on the playroom floor for the past 2 months?)  
Have I worn this in the past year?  Will I be able to wear it within a year?  
Is this item worth transporting again?  Is this item worth continued storage?  (something I estimate with the girls' clothing, because anything I gauge worthy to pass on to the younger one must be stored for minimum 2 years before fitting)

Is this item necessary to my happy existence?  Well, no, really none of it is necessary stuff.  These photos, mementos, small objects brought by little hands....necessary? no.  But en-joy-able? yes.  Sentimentality has its place, though, applied to objects, if it ever gets in the way of my Self-Health or those relationships I have with those around me---well, no Thing is worth more than a relationship.

And if one is 7 months pregnant, don't fool around, lifting and moving boxes doesn't really have to be done right now.  Let someone else do it. Really, truly, remember to ask for help.

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