Thursday, February 14, 2013

Day 21
climbing stairs in house 15 + modified pushups (20 total)
rest (been staying up too late, excitement of gratitude has been energizing)
hangin' with My Valentine and many other loving people for potluck lunch
creative baking with The Firstborn, laughing about almost disasters
chatting with dear friend
just simply, incredibly grateful for my health & well being, joy just bubbling up everywhere
blogging : )

Day 20
Gratefully consciously shopping for myself---really.  This past week I recognized that the regular long sleeves I've been stretching over The Belly were no longer working.  So, tripped to Mommy's Merry-Go-Round nearby, then Nordstrom Rack for easy underthings, and finally Target for a very specific seamless under-tank I've found to be indispensable the last two times.  The girls still had slight fevers, though feeling bunches better.  They trooped through it all, including the last stop to grocery for valentine cake items.
Even without meditation & cardio, still a wonderfully gratitude filled day of fun.

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