Friday, February 1, 2013


Earlier this week, Miss Monkey started vomiting after a class, the following day she was completely checked out with fever and toilet trips, relegated to the couch watching movies.

Last night the Monka-Doodle began moaning, complaining "my tummy t-aches", shortly after that she walked to my side in the kitchen, took my hand, and popped purple mess all over the tile.  She then proceeded to decorate her bed and blankets in her sleep.

This morning again the Firstborn complains of terrible tummy, the younger has a decent fever, and so they're having saltines, water, and low-cal gatorade for breakfast.

Things to be grateful for in this....
No vomit on the carpet.
No ichky-sicky poop on the carpet, or beds.
Teachable moments re: keeping hands & our selves clean, not sharing utensils, cups, food, etc.
I'm not vomiting. Based on the timeline, if I make it through today and tomorrow without vomiting then I think I will escape it.
Extra clothes, blankets, sheets, in the closets.
A warm house in which to convalesce, and incredibly so, the homescreen such that the Littles might be still and quiet in the perpetual hypnotic state it produces.
A working washer and dryer.
HOT running water in my home.

edited to add:  I didn't escape totally, though I didn't totally re-boot (grateful), I did get a wicked fever, with dehydration, as did The Man

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