Friday, February 22, 2013

Field Trip

There's a story we read in our curriculum about 2 sisters, one's heart is cold as stone (Manyara), one is gentle and kind no matter what (Nyasha).  I feel sometimes that I have a Manyara and a Manyara in's heart breaking.  When they beat on each other there are some instances when they'll work it out, this morning was not one.  My solution, per Love & Logic, has been to "uh-oh!  bedroom time for you both (confined to beds)...when you're both calm, and both ready for recovery you may both come down at the same time."  It works fairly well---I've managed to rein in my reactive wade-into-the-fray-and-fix-it impulse.

We are supposed to field trip today to another indoor pool where I'll be comically flush in maternity suit wondering if my skin will survive the chlorine content.  They've run the gamut this morning, sweet, playing, to screaming, to bedroom time, to attitude-terrible, to recovery, to talking, to affimations, and currently working on the only chance they'll have to get to this pool adventure.  At one point in her frustration F actually screamed, "we're NOT GOING!" to which I replied, "really?cool!  Thank goodness, I'm totally happy to stay home today, THANKS!"  Stopped her in her verbal tracks.

Barely clinging to sanity at the moment, but soldiering forth.

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