Monday, February 4, 2013

Day 9 & 10
The Man & I were barely functional Day 9, eating last night's desperate-attempt-to-eat-anything-the-only-thing-I-would-dare-stomach cheese pizza for breakfast, then not wanting to eat at all, vaguely coherent for grocery shopping, then had a wicked crave for milkshake and french fries much later, which we ate out as a family...too too fun, and too too silly.
Day 10 was, of course the Harbowl after lovely prayer & meditation with our Mile Hi community....though I bravely ate greens with lunch, then again with my half-bun cheese burger, things still weren't right overall, the Ravens'-purple cupcake didn't really help, but it was fun!
I did get to read some Thoreau and journal before bed. All is well.

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