Thursday, February 28, 2013

A short bit about the Oscars.
I don't recall it being so crass and low-brow in past years, but then I haven't watched in a long time.  I'm only passingly interested in the fashion, and feel a gossipy need if some star makes a complete fool of themselves.  Otherwise the Oscars have no attraction for me.  This past Sunday we tried to watch a little, and on several occasions The Man & I looked at each other in askance, "is this really supposed to be funny? for a broad audience?" We both agreed, "No, certainly not."  It sounded like a roast of the actors instead of intelligent wit. Sad and embarrassing to watch.

I did not appreciate having to explain what "boobs" meant to my eldest daughter, because of the one minute they were exposed, and I'm glad that her questioning did not extend past "that man meant, he saw her breasts?"  Because, explaining how or why actresses choose to do nudity in film is not something I'm ready to discuss with a six year old, nor is it something she's mature enough to understand.  The whole presentation, supposedly the pinnacle of the cream of Hollywood talent, was a total disappointment.  I'm glad I haven't wasted any more time watching and do not plan to watch next year.

I have to admit though, They accomplished one goal....everyone seems to be talking about it.  So, good for them, god'll love'em, and happily we'll go on without participating in that fiasco.

p.s. The Superbowl half-time Show was another example of objectification of women...a powerful woman, a one-dimensional performance that I felt sorry for letting The Firstborn watch.

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