Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Day 26 (Today, Tuesday)
up early, eating very well, though not early enough to get my rhythm in before kiddos awake
20 Stair dancing
10 yoga
10 meditation
gratitude,giggles,happy work for LOViNTee

Day 25 (Mon)
purposeful and productive with housework, amidst morning lesson, and prepping for launch to afternoon activities
doc appt for me and ultrasound for baby (all is well, no we don't look for gender)
laughin' in a maternity suit, tolerating overcrowded indoor pool for the sake of my children, random act kindness? possibly.
eating very well except for that blasted sugar drink for the diabetes test---blechk
dropped a note of thanks on our new friend/landlady's door
to sleep early

Day 24 (Sun)
short meditation with 1000 good friends
hangin' out laughing at the church
thoroughly enjoyed a bit of Downton Abbey catch-up
eating well, water good

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