Wednesday, February 29, 2012

All Cleansed!

This weekend was the end of the cleanse.  Some additional observations:

  • energy level completely evened out, other than sleepy days when someone or other is up late at night, my energy level throughout the day is predictably pleasantly steady.  I am free of caffeine's shackles--not that I minded them that much, but it's nice to feel free of it.
  • hormonal shifts were very apparent, and feeling unusually tired I figured I needed a little extra iron which I found in spoonful of molasses, extra spinach, plus a multi-vitamin.
  • according to a Juice Plus lecture at a luncheon, the body needs 8 hours sleep to detox the day's absorption, which might explain why I had little or no inclination to workout for the past 3 weeks.  I was simply called away from exercise, as if my body needed the healing time.
  • no dairy? no problem (surprising!), while I really enjoy cheese, finding that I can live without it has been nice.  I figure we'll buy the good cheeses less often from here on out.  
  • We need a really nice blender/food processor.
  • happily using the CostCo membership effectively makes the shopping easier and makes the eating NINE servings of fruits and veggies through the day more manageable.
Noticed how pleasurable it's has been to eat everything, I do mean everything.  We're enjoying our food more on several levels.
Happy Day!

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