Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Optimum Wellness

What is it?  Wellness is a choice.  A couple of weeks ago I remarked to a friend that if someone would hand me all the tools to completely makeover our pantry, I'd be totally into eating cleaner and more sustainably.  My Loving Husband and I attended a Wellness Event hosted by Dr. James Rouse, where we were handed the tools to do just this.  Complete with menu, shopping list, recipes, and explanations for both phases one of which is a gentle 3 week cleanse.  I picked up the Rouses' cook book as well, Colorado Fit Kitchen, it's beautifully loaded with good for you food.
So, for the first few days both The Man and I have been without flour products, dairy, and sugar of any kind.

It's challenging...and I'm hungry.
In fact, I'm hungry often enough in the past 3 days to wonder if there isn't something awry with my metabolic process/blood sugar/insulin.  I'll be checking in here to chronicle this adventure and it's affects with triathlon training, yoga practice, parenting, and the rest.

My favorite quote from Dr. Rouse;
"Every time you eat is an opportunity to show your [body] love."

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