Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dirt Soup b.k.a. Alkinizing Broth

When I was little, playing outside I would make soup with leaves, wild garlic, acorns, sticks, and different soils for seasoning. Something I have always loved about soups, creating a bowl of warm nourishment from water and a few choice ingredients.  This past week or or so I have made luscious lentil soup, kick azz chicken curry stew, and a beautiful black bean soup.  I have learned not to rely on salt as the "go to" spice, none of those bountiful bowls had any added salt.
It's rather comforting to make "wild" soup for real as an adult. This is the Alkinizing Broth we are to have for afternoon snack...didn't start as much, but ended as a filling, energizing hot drink.
Happy Day!

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