Monday, March 5, 2012

Some Days

There are these days, when I want to give up and just get back into bed. Girls awake at 5:00am, no quiet meditation, yoga or readings, I narrowly avert disastrous attitude....try dozing with toddler on couch, though she decides it's hair time, and I'm whacked in the face with a brush.  Eventually reasonable breakfasts, and whilst dressing find the kitten has vomited all over clean laundry...then cannot locate wallet, which turns out its in my car where I left it. All of this makes us very tardy to homeschool connection.
I will salvage this gorgeous early spring day, I know it can be done. Maybe I'm simply being guided to shorten The List today, keep it simple. I'm listening,okay? no more calamity, please,god? Now, to the gym for a much deserved swim!
But idling in my vehicle, with the few minutes it has taken me to swype this, Toddleator is sound asleep behind me.
The Cosmic Comic strikes again.

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