Sunday, February 12, 2012

Phase 1: Cleanse Day 5(6)

Some observations from the past few days:
The siren song of the macaroni & cheese with peas was almost too much to bear.  I'm really aware now of how I would taste here and there of what I cook.  Toddleator E's turkey dogs smell so wonderful, and when I licked a finger it was so lovely.  One night, the plate of apples, cheese, and turkey for Miss Monkey was very inviting.  I do so miss cheese!  She did very much enjoy the shrimp in the stir fry.  It's been a treat eating really tasty food that looks pretty, too.

My energy levels throughout the day have been steady, unless I'm on shorter sleep from a later than usual evening.  I've been sleeping well, waking easily, though I plan to wake earlier as I rev up the training.  I have to train otherwise I can't race.  There is a bike trainer on it's way to me right now, pretty exciting to coordinate with The Man to bike/run in the mornings while chi'ren are sleeping.

Most interesting, I think is the new silence in my thoughts regarding what I eat vs. workouts.  A gymnamom brought homemade cinnamon rolls one morning.  I realized my cravings for sugar have subsided such that I didn't even consider eating one, they looked pretty tasty but I had not the slightest inkling to actually eat one.  In the same moment I also realized there was silence in my thoughts around whether or not I needed to get to the gym myself that morning.  I was completely serene, and it dawned on me that because I'd been eating so well the tape had shut down.  I no longer need to berate myself for what I'm eating or not eating---Victory!
A few weeks ago I would try to time my meal and my workout that I'd have energy but not starve myself.  I can workout anytime now because my energy levels don't wax & wane through the day---now, if we get the logistics figured out, it'll be golden!

p.s. I do miss coffee, too, that wonderful hot cuppa in the morning, or decaf in the afternoon.  I miss the taste and smell.  For now, lemon water with cayenne as been warming enough before the daily breakfast smoothie.

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