Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Phase I: Cleanse Day 1.5

Diet from the Latin dieta meaning "way of living".  I've never ever been a "dieter".  The way we ate was okay, but not ideal. So now were in dieta boot camp.

I am so very glad that I weaned myself off all the bread and sugar last week, rather than go cold turkey this week.  I guess I didn't realize how much bread, dairy, and sugar I was eating.  Monday through Sunday last week I totaled 3 pieces of baguette, 1 small square of cheddar, 1slice homemade whole wheat toast, 1 ancient grain tortilla, then 2 slices of pizza(with cheese and veggies), partial almond-cranberry muffin's top, and then cheese on the chicken nachos for Superbowl Sunday.  As for sugar, I cut it completely out, save a couple pieces of dark chocolate, and 3 Samoa cookies post-nacho.  The rest of my calories were all fibrous green stuffs, nuts, lean (or mostly lean as we were cleaning out the fridge) proteins and a few corn chips.

I did have a sneaking headache the first 2 days of the weaning, and was convinced I was terribly hungry though I think it was my body's reaction to the almost total lack of carbohydrates...especially dairy, gawd I love my yogurt and cheeses.  By Wednesday last I leveled out nicely, and felt cravings dissipate while my energy level was consistent throughout the day.  I have noticed that when I am hungry, the gap between the initial hunger trigger and going into blood-sugar crash, is longer.  So, that's a plus.  I am not starving myself, I eat when I'm hungry. But what I'm eating has been locked down to a very few things in order to cleanse the whole system out.  I (rather my husband who stood and asked) got a bead on how much more I should be eating with endurance training.  The answer was 1/2 again as much as called for (i.e. 25 almonds means ~37 for endurance training).  Thus far the recipes have been lovely.  I especially enjoyed the Kale Salad, and the Super-Green smoothie has been great to start the day.  Instead of coffee, I've been enjoying (yes, enjoying) hot water with 1/2 a lemon juiced + a liberal pinch of cayenne.  Very warming for the morning, and not dehydrating.

The shopping was done in a marathon 3.5 hour span with trips to CostCo and Sunflower Market, yet we both agreed that we'll have to start frequenting Vitamin Cottage.  This week has been pretty breezy, no headache, no energy lags, though I do have to keep on top of what I have about me for snacking.  It's an adjustment logistically. 

The small people have not been coerced into eating the same as The Man and I, it wouldn't be fair.  There is some trickle down effect---last night's kid dinner was salmon rolled in ancient grain tortilla with edamame side.  I'm so excited to get the cleanse done though, and start Phase II introducing items slowly to see how the body responds.  Plus, I got the Rouse's cookbook as well, and happy to get going with Miss Monkey on the kid recipes in it.  The Man & I both miss cheese and yogurt a whole lot.

All in all, Mission Optimum Wellness is a green for go-go-go.

Kale Salad

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