Friday, January 6, 2012

House Arrest

Or rather self-imposed quarantine.  It started with the Younger of The Two (Toddleator E) with a nose running as a faucet, culminated a couple days later with a 104.9 F in the Elder of The Two (Miss Monkey), then me, of course, in the fray with some wicked head congestion.

I have not driven my car in 5 days, but gave it a once-over clearing kid-detritus.  We've been inside for almost a week straight.  Save a few moments outside to re-arranged garbage & recycles, or check the mail, then a brief outdoor "bonfire" build with Miss Monkey while the weather has been unseasonably warm (as is the habit of weather fronts here, beautiful then freezing & snow).  Not my chosen way to start a New Year, but at least I can say we're over it, and it won't be returning.  Is it consequence from stretching so thin prior to Christmas?

So, it's day 5 and we're finally all free of fever, I wonder how I'll keep my sanity if we don't get out and do something, even if it is a menial errand.  I hear pleasant play interspersed with squealing wails of frustration or hurt feelings.  Parts of me kind of enjoy the forced quiet and slow down of illness (shh! don't tell Perfect Mommy Club).  It feels when the Littles do return to normal that they are ++active, as if they're making up for lost time.

Christmas Kitten, Darth Kittius(Siddius), has been brought fully into the fold.  Porter mostly tolerates kitten's surprise pounces, and Toddleator E "hohlps" him by squeeze-carrying him until he struggles free.  We certainly can't head to the gym or hang out with buddies the way we all sound, horking up gunk and sneezing out the goo.  It simply wouldn't be kind to others around us.

At least I've saved on gas.

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