Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Why I hate The Lion King

Yes, I've seen the whole movie.  My little sister watched it non-stop for a year or so as a small child.  And now I have kids.  I know I can't protect them from everything, most especially I'm aware that I cannot control what they'll see at Kids Club.  The young girls employed there know how I feel about children's movies.  If the screen must be on, I hope they put some thought into what the littles are absorbing.

The Lion King's entire plot is based on a murder.  It doesn't matter that the whole thing comes around in the "circle of life" in a glowing rainbows & bubblegum pure Disney style. There would be no story if Uncle Scar hadn't committed fratricide.

If this was a story using real people, or kids, instead of cute friendly lions, would it be appropriate for little kids?

No.  At most it might be all right for young adults.

I appreciate the classic Shakespearean drama story line, but find little value in the "circle of life" afterthought when I've had to accept murder as the main driver of the plot.  The true circle of life doesn't include murder or betrayal.  Most disturbing to me is that it seems most parents will overlook this and feed kids' minds (more subtly, their souls) with this crap.  Several years ago, that Disney thought that it was okay to show kids their worst fear, loss of a parent, is disgusting and terrible.

And if one's mind immediately goes to the "I watched it and I'm okay" or "that's just the way it is", please re-examine.  If it doesn't add value, or teach a Truth about our human lives, or worse if the message is so garbled by complication and drama---why add it into an already jam-packed media life?

I want to set the an example of simplicity and ease with life, and it really can be simple when we allow it.  Keep it simple with kids, it's easier on me and on them.  We cannot complain about what we get out of our children if we are un-conscious about what we're feeding these little beings' minds and souls.

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