Friday, December 30, 2011

The Cats Pajamas

The Kitten.  Of late, rightfully named Darth Siddius, as he has been an absolute nuisance at night and the wee hours of the mornings.  It's rather like having a new baby in the house, at least that's my reference last I felt this sleep disturbed.

After her laborious endeavor to ensure receiving a "real live kitten" from St. Nick, Christmas morning the mewing package was opened.  The Firstborn is enamored of her feline to a point of distraction--which may not be saying much as she is a 5.5 year old.

kittenish in kitten pajama, with real, live, kitten

proper 'crazed' look of kitten
Porter was, er, less than enthused about Darth Kittius (code name: Breakfast Cheese).  After 4 days, the elder cat has begun venturing out from under the bedside tables (where he hissed and mowled at kitten's attempts to play) to his usual haunts.  We plied him with canned wet food, a rare treat, and a new collar with proper tag.  He is slowly becoming accustomed to the new addition.  To get a taste of what it's like cat + kitten, see Double Trouble.

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