Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Workouts n' whatnot

Having finished breastfeeding a few weeks ago, it seems the liquid fat my body has been clinging to is melting slowly away.  I'm kinda sad to have breastfeeding end, I know and she knows it's time though.  I'm sure to get enough cuddling in whenever we need to.  My workouts have been sporadic but more often.  I plugged in a training plan and hit about half the workouts.  I gave up on trying to force a solution though, I noticed I was becoming b*tchy and crazed, feeling like a failure when I messed up the plan.  So, I surrendered the results.  Suddenly, Baby E was sleeping through the night, and time started stretching.

I'm amazed that on a a given day I can pull off a triple workout if I feel like it---would never have been able to do that 5 years ago.  I might pick up a run, or a bike on a whim.  I can complete a long swim in (~2k yds) pretty comfortably and still survive the rest of the day pleasantly.  Daily life has become easier, and I think it's because I've given up trying to force it all to happen on my timeline.  One day in the far future I'll have more than all the time I need, until then I'm becoming more and more content to hang out and be present when the need arises.  And Their needs are never ending.  

I dropped in on a Zumba class.  While bouncing and shaking my nether-bits to fun world music, I giggled time and again....this is the dancing I used to attempt after a cocktail or four, in dark noisy clubs, delusional I was unique hot-stuff.  And now, I, and the rest of the middle-aged (and more) ladies have been relegated to flapping our flesh in a brightly lit box at prescribed hours of the week---probably so we won't frighten the general public.  It's a fun workout. I wonder, what if I didn't have the stability and core strength, though?  I could see how it might injure some-sedentary-one off the street.  Also, I had a free training session with a lady-trainer at my daughter's gymnastics gym, TRX is too too fun!  Really challenging and just what I enjoy.  I finally made it back to my yoga rug, after months of avoidance.  Short but sweet practice, I need to find an Ashtanga studio within reasonable driving distance.

Kinda sad that our bodies mayn't reflect the inward youth we retain.  The best I plan to do for my earthly vessel is everything I've been doing, tweaking the diet a bit, keep on keeping on.  As I am inward, I will show outward.

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