Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Poop and Other Goop

For some reason I've yet to delve into I have never ever thought it "okay" or "part of the care and feeding" of a dog to pick up poop from the ground.  I grew up where the family dogs were mostly outdoors and only came inside for short periods or when it was really cold out.  The dogs always pooped in the woods or elsewhere, as we didn't live in a cookie cutter neighborhood with manicured grass, it didn't matter where they went.  There is something really deep within me that considered picking up dog poo a degrading, insulting thing.  I think it's a race memory issue as I cannot recall an exact incident that might cause such a reaction.

Anyway, as a Momma I have been able to adjust my tolerance for poop and goo, booger, vomit, and baby spit-up.  It simply doesn't bother me near as much as it might have in the past---though admittedly I can't say as I was in the habit of wiping other people's bottoms, cleaning up their vomit, or aspirating their noses when stuffed up.  I tend to think that women are rather hardwired for the gore of life, we do have to deal with it once a month or so.  Men on the other hand, not so much.  It is too too funny to me that for all the sophomoric humor that males spout, they have a difficult time dealing with their own offspring's dirty diaper.  It's just poop afterall, it washes off, and with a little antimicrobial something, all is good as new.  As a Momma I've learned to deal with unexpected poopsplosions in public bathrooms like a champ.  During a Miss Toddler-Monkey diaper change, I once caught a poop in my hand rather than have to clean the carpet.  A diaper-less child having a bowel movement, much like a vomiting child, should not be moved....because rather than one simple spot, there's a trail to clean.

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