Friday, June 10, 2011

D.I.Y. Diaper Sprayer

I shopped them, I even asked a local store if they were going to stock them.  The store called me when the sprayer arrived, and I balked at the price. $45?

In Home Depot, taking advantage of a gift card, on yet another trip to the potty for someone or other in our party, I passed through the plumbing aisle. Hmmm, I thought as I spotted the sink sprayers.  On our way back through I snagged the paid plumber assistant fellow, and he perused the stock looking for all the right pieces. Plumbing has always fascinated me, all the metal and machining involved with making water travel to distant places is neat-O.  Anyway, I told him what I wanted to do, and happily followed him around while he gathered the pieces.  After memorizing the order in which the pieces should be attached, I added them to our haul.

Excited as I was, this was a little project that would have to wait until after we returned from the Epic Texas Trip. On our first full day home it was one of the premier projects that I completed.

Tools?  Pair of right sized pliers.
The plumber's picks?  A valve adapter (add 1/4" comp. outlet to a valve), an Ice Maker Supply Line, a standard sink sprayer with hose, and a Compression Connector (1/4"OD x 1/4" MIP w/ insert).
They're attached in that exact order from the water supply at the wall.

I turned off the water at the wall.  I unscrewed the existing hose to the toilet, added the valve adapter, re-attached the toilet water line, then screwed on the Ice Maker Supply line to the new valve. 

Then came the compression connector... 

and the sprayer itself.

Voila!  Diaper Sprayer!  I laughed with triumph!
Total Cost?  ~$20 and less than half an hour installation.

What I've learned so far:
  • There is a learning curve with a diaper sprayer, you might, as I did, spray pooplets all around the intended toilet bowl.  Beware the splattering ricochet.
  • Spray close, very close.  Spray down, almost straight down the diaper.
  • The water pressure surprised me, hence the poopletsplosion.
  • Pocket diapers are best sprayed front to back, or pocket opening downward toward the bowl.
  • Prefolds can be challenging if poo is outside the imagined boundary of a liner, but diaper sprayer definitely wins over "swishing" method.
  • The water is cold, so unless you enjoy torturing your children (and your own eardrums), sprayer is not for use on dirty naked children in the tub.

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