Saturday, June 18, 2011

First All-Day Camp

For us all.  This was an entire week of 8 hour days for Miss Monkey, a true test of behavior.  I was really the one that was worried...and, get this, it wasn't really about her but how her behavior would reflect on me.
While visiting the family in Texas a remark I fielded, "That [behavior] must have been embarrassing for you."  I responded, "Well, no, not really.  That's her behavior not mine."  It's really my response to that behavior that I might be embarrassed.  Sometimes though, when the audience is people that I like and respect and care very much about our relationship, I slip back into the thought process that I might somehow control the little people's behavior. 

Rainbow Day Camp is Mile Hi Church's children's camp for ages 5-10, with teen counselors and adult teachers.  The first day dropping her off, she approached with trepidation, but once the recognition set in, she relaxed and was happy to say good-bye.  By the time the week was over I could tell she didn't really want it to end.  Who would?  They do a great camp, something different everyday, including one day trip excursion to Pine Top, up the mountains.  It was strangely easy moving through the day with only the baby to entertain and get fed and napped.  Which brings on an interesting observation.

Raising children full time is challenging.  If I'm sending my daughter off to school mostly 'cause I need the break, and approach professionally administered education with the idea that I will get's not the right reason to send her to brick and mortar school.  I take serious issue with the forced conformity that bureaucracy has instilled in our public (and some private) school system.  This talk succinctly explains and I agree with the assessment of the system completely. 

At this time all of our personal resources are committed to alleviating pressure caused by mismanagement previous years and the pressure from The Man's period of unemployment.  When we have unlimited financial resources we can make my daughters' education more dynamic, probably including some brick & mortar schoolin', tutoring, traveling, and otherwise interesting mixes.  Until then, I will give my best attempt at homeschooling the first born with Enki Education.  Including "socialization" with large family group outings, and other mom-teachers.  I will remain flexible, and as nothing is written in stone, I will remember if it feels unmanageable, or morphs into dismal struggle, I will realize we need to take a different path.

It's scary, going against everything I knew growing up and what it seems is 'the norm'.  The journey only gets more exciting, there is no arrival is there?

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