Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Newest Fluff on the Block

I purchased new diapers.  Specifically, 4 one-size pocket style diapers so The Man would might not be so opposed to aiding changes.  Not a moment too soon it seems, since we've been back from Texas there has been a terrible rash on Baby E's bum.  Not a screaming rash, but definitely an itchy red issue that must be uncomfortable.  I can only guess that it's yeast and I've taken steps to rid my pre-folds of it.  With the somewhat begrudging use of stay-dry poly-fiber inserts, her bum is looking more normal.

I wanted to purchase diapers that would accommodate a prefold as an insert.  I'd rather have purchased sans insert but the retailer wouldn't sell them separately and wouldn't work with me to trade the poly-fiber inserts for hemp.  After some perusal online I had decided I needed to get hands on a Blueberry one size pocket. While I was in the store, I hit upon Rocky Mountain, locally made & owned.  I got 2 of each label, and happily headed home. 

Blueberry I had my eye on 'cause their Coverall wrap is so stellar (much better than Thirsties, in my opinion), I am pleased.  The manufacture is strong, looks and feels like it will last, the fleece is soft, the print is cute, and the pocket easily fits a prefold (the generously cut dipe can be used as a wrap over a prefold, as well).  The Rocky Mountain pocket diapers are a slightly different style, relying on an inner snap-adjustment to make them one-size with dual in-line snaps 'round the waistline, a lower rise to the fit than the Blueberry.  So far, Blueberry has not leaked one bit.  Rocky Mountain suffered an overload one afternoon when Baby E sipped her way through an entire bottle of water.  I don't blame the diaper though, it was Big Sister that gave her the bike bottle.  I think the Rocky Mountain diaper does better with a hemp insert than a poly fiber.  The Blueberry it doesn't seem to matter much at all what that diaper is stuffed with. 

I can highly recommend both.

*Incidentally, back in the pocket diaper posse, I noticed I still feel the same about these diapering systems.  I really enjoy the ease of pockets, but dislike having to wash the whole diaper every time, the same with all-in-ones. Pre-folds + wrap make sense, as a wrap can be used over and over until it's pooped---seems smarter I think.

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